Tot School with Lawson

I started homeschooling my little one at 9 1/2 months old. We started with no real plan, just me being intentional with playing WITH him. I especially loved (and still do) watching him figure things out and explore them. At this young age, everything is new to him. I’ve started making some plans for our Tot School. Here’s what we have done and our plans for the next few weeks as well.

11 months
Red Week
Green Week

12 months
Yellow Week
Orange Week
Blue Week
Ocean Theme

13 months
Brown Bear Brown Bear Theme
Summer Fun Theme
The Day Sky Theme

14 to 17 months 
In this season of our life, we had no “planned” Tot School, and I did not blog about our intentional time, although we did continue to have it each day. This is due to the first trimester fatigue & sickness as well as caring for additional children in our home during this time.

Future Ideas…
Bugs Theme
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A few of my goals… 
-Introduce the concepts of counting, big and small, matching, and sorting
-Introduce lots of language and vocabulary by talking about everything we do and reinforcing words
-Teach basic colors, basic shapes, and body parts
-Color every day and progress from making random marks to actually enjoying making art
-Read a lot so that they learn to enjoy reading and talking about pictures in books
-Be a “yes” mom and homeschool teacher instead of always saying “No, we can’t do this.”
-Give them lots of opportunities to work on fine and gross motor skills


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