My Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery

*This post is very detailed with feminine topics so please read at your own discretion. 

Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery can be quite the task – especially if it’s your first hospital delivery. I remember with my first, I packed WAY TOO MUCH (just in case, you know). This time I think I’m a pro!

Here are some links that I found helpful in this process…
Hospital Bag Checklist
What’s in a Bag

Here is my bag all packed and ready to grab and take with me to the hospital when I go into labor. The bag is the Suite Success Tote, a hostess exclusive from Thirty-One Gifts. It’s a fabulous bag with LOTS of storage and organization. It has SO MANY pockets, even a thermal pocket to keep things hot or cold and a place for a laptop. It’s amazing! In fact, it’s so amazing that I just replaced my entire set of Vera Bradley luggage with this one bag! I love my Vera Bradley, but it just doesn’t have the organization I needed, and this bag holds a ton of stuff!

I’ve included pictures and descriptions of what I’ve packed with a complete list at the end of this post for your convenience.
I’m not a big fan of nightgowns, but a cute nightgown and robe is definitely preferable compared to that awful hospital gown. I think this is going to look so much better in photos, because I do want to be in photos with my newborn. I was in very few when Lawson was born due to being self-conscious about how I looked after delivery so I’m trying to avoid all that this time. I also bought a new, cheapo pair of flip flops to have in my bag to take with me. I have my favorite pair of flip flops already, but I wear them pretty often so I can’t really pack them. If they’re available when we get ready to leave for the hospital, I’ll probably grab them… but the last thing I want to be doing when I’m in labor is searching for my misplaced favorite flip flops. Baby brain is a real thing, folks, so I’m prepared just in case.
Tip: Be sure to try on any new things you buy to see how they fit you. The cute nightgowns I found were all really low-cut (like this one) so I attached a safety pin to the tag to have with me so I’ll be more comfortable.

Mostly self-explanitory…
-Sample tinted moisturizer (from a magazine): This is what I use as my foundation so even if I forget to grab my make-up bag, which is one of those last-minute items, I’ll still have a little saving grace.
-Rubberbands to pull my hair back
-Sample size Deodorant
-Sample size cleanser
-Lip balm
-Sample size facial scrub
-Hand sanitizer
-Pack of gum – I don’t remember from my last delivery, but I read somewhere that we moms develop extreme bad breath during labor so this is for me to help my nurses out ūüôā
-Sample size lotion
-Sample size toothpaste
-Sample size body wash
-Sample size shampoo
-2 brand new toothbrushes and travel tubes (One for me, and one for hubby – so we can continue to use our current ones and not forget these when the time comes.)


-My favorite pajama pants, a large maternity plain tee (which will be easy to nurse in), and d.i.y. nursing tank I made
-My least favorite pairs of underwear (in case they get ruined because that’s very possible after delivery)
-2 Nursing Bras
-2 Pairs of Socks
-Yoga pants and Nursing Top to wear home (I should probably pack some matching shoes for this outfit, lol.) bag3
-Boppy Pillow (for nursing support) – Some say these aren’t the greatest for nursing and actual nursing pillows are a must, but it has always worked just fine for me.
-Nursing cover – I can’t even begin to tell you how many doctors and nurses came in while I was nursing Lawson when he was born. At least this way, I can keep some of my dignity.
-Lanolin cream
-Pouch of nursing pads, including the gel soothing kind
-Dermoplast Spray -This may or may not be provided by the hospital, but it definitely helps with the healing process.
-Squirt Bottle – This may be provided too, but it’s nice to have for bathroom trips after baby is born as the area is quite sensitive.
-Chocolate reward for mama
-A few sanitary pads – Just a few, these are provided by the hospital too.
-My pill crusher – I can’t swallow pills after very many attempts and tries throughout my life. I’ve accepted this fact, and I’m okay with crushing pills and mixing them in ice cream or something. However, one of my PP nurses made me chew up my pills after I had Lawson. It’s a terrible memory I have of a terrible nurse, so I’m trying to avoid that this time.

-Notebook and Pencil – for writing down any instructions from my doctor or nurses when we leave the hospital and also for keeping up with feeding sessions and diaper changes. I used an app on my phone with Lawson, which I mostly loved, but it gave me headaches from time to time, when my phone froze and I couldn’t recall the info I needed so maybe pencil and paper will be more reliable.
-My Birth Plan – As you can see, it’s one-page and very simple. I think my nurses will appreciate the fact that it’s direct and to-the-point so it will be easy for them to glance at and follow.
-My index card with a few last-minute items we don’t want to forget


What I’m NOT packing in my Hospital Bag…
-My breast pump – My lactation consultant told me that before my milk comes in, there isn’t really enough to pump anyway so it’s kind of pointless. I happen to agree, and it’s one less thing to remember.
-Laptop, magazines, anything for entertainment purposes – We had no time for any of this with Lawson’s birth and delivery so I doubt we will this time either.
-Photo props and outfit for newborn photos in the hospital – Believe it or not, I did pack these things with Lawson, but I didn’t like the photos taken at the hospital. Even with their best setup, there were things in the photos like the belly-button tie, hospital bracelet, and prick of the foot that I did not wish to have documented. I took the newborn photos again myself after we returned home.
-Baby Book – They sent everything home with us that I needed/wanted to include so there was no need to bring the actual book. I just kept it together and worked it into his book in the following weeks after his birth.

What I’ve Packed in my Hospital Bag…
-Nightgown, Robe, Flip Flops, Tinted Moisturizer, Rubberbands,¬†Deodorant, Cleanser,¬†Lip balm, Facial scrub,¬†Hand sanitizer,¬†Moisturizer,¬†Pack of gum, Lotion, Toothpaste, Body wash, Shampoo,¬†Razor,¬†2 brand new toothbrushes and travel tubes,¬†My favorite pajama pants, a large maternity plain tee, Nursing tank, my least favorite pairs of underwear,¬†2 Nursing Bras,¬†2 Pairs of Socks,¬†Yoga pants, Nursing Top,¬†Boppy Pillow,¬†Nursing cover,¬†Lanolin cream,¬†Pouch of nursing pads,¬†Dermoplast Spray,¬†Squirt Bottle,¬†Chocolate reward for mama,¬†A few sanitary pads, My Pill¬†crusher, Notebook, Pencil, My Birth Plan, and an Index Card with Things Not to Forget that we’ll have to grab last-minute since we use them daily

My “Don’t Forget” List…
Hairbrush, Blow dryer, Straightener, Makeup Bag, Pillows, Blankets, Boppy Pillow, Wallets, Phones, Chargers, ¬†Big Bro Shirt, Big Bro Prize, Nurses’ Gifts, Snacks, Car seats, Linkin’s baby bag, Lawson’s overnight bag, and Daddy’s bag

Well there ya go! This wraps up my post about my bag for labor & delivery. If there’s time before I go into labor, I’ll be posting about “What I’ve Packed in Baby Linkin’s Hospital Bag” and Baby Linkin’s “Fleet Little Fox” Nursery Tour. Stay tuned!