10 Things About Me That You Should Know


1. I am passionate about homeschooling. That’s why we started Tot-schooling at 9 months old with my little one. I love seeing the little accomplishments, even at this young age. It is such a thrill for me to watch him play, explore, and the wheels turn in his head as he figures things out.

2.  I love to make lists, check things off lists, and make new lists that are prettier than the first. Without even leaving my chair, I can count 8 lists. Maybe I’m overdoing it, but I just love it!

3. I love to organize. Planning for a week of homeschool is such a fun task for me filling those little workboxes and the boxes of my lesson planning page. It’s just awesome.

4. I’m fascinated by design. I love to search Pinterest for homeschool rooms and ideas to create a beautifully designed, yet organized, and totally functional homeschool space.

5. With that being said, I’m also doing this for every other space in my home. My dream home is beautiful. It’s been in the making in my head and in my notebooks for about 10 years now. I know exactly what I want, and it’s going to be just perfect when it’s time to build it.

6. My family is the most important thing to me. I can’t wait to get up each morning to serve them and spend time with them. I want to teach the little one and have many other little ones to follow and do the same with them.

7. My God gives me a reason to wake up in the morning – He’s given my life purpose. I want to teach my little one(s) to rely on Him. There are so many of His wonders I can’t wait to tell them about. He has done some amazing things in my life and for our family!

8. My family is very involved in our local church (Northwood Church), and it is an EXCELLENT place! God really moves there, and it truly is a life-giving church. My husband and I work with the youth leading small groups for Impact Student Ministries. I’ve been a part of the Worship Team, and I work with the infant and toddler nurseries. We love our church!

9. I love to play. I think this makes being a mom so much fun. My son gets new toys, and I get to play with them too! Haha. Just this weekend, we opened a new Bubble Sword he got for his birthday and I got to make pretty bubbles for him to try to catch and pop.
So much fun!

10. I like to write. That’s why I’m here. I see lots of bloggers that are making money just for writing like this, and I’m still trying to figure that out. I love it already and gladly do it without pay, but why not? That would just be the cherry on top of my already sprinkled pretty ice cream!