D.I.Y. Baby-to-Big-Kid Gym

I saw the post for this D.I.Y. Gym from Doman Mom and knew our little climber needed one! It has many uses too – beyond just a gym.
It can be a play gym for an infant – just attach those baby links for them to look up at and swat.
For an infant learning to pull up and walk – it gives them something to hold on to and cruise around.
It can also be a fort – just throw a blanket over it.
Doman Mom also says it can be used as a basketball goal or a soccer goal.


I recommend following Doman Mom’s Suggestions for building this gym yourself. I used an actual pipe cutter to cut the pipes which made the process a bit easier. I also used read pipe cement or glue to give the pieces extra hold. I don’t want it falling apart with my little man on it.

I pinned her post to my Pinterest board and opened the post in the hardware store to show them which pieces I needed. That made the process easy, since I didn’t know the names of all of the connector pieces. I also purchased Duct Tape to cover the pipes to give it a little color. I looked at the WIDE variety of duct tape options, but I decided to keep mine the same Blue & Green because I want it to be semi-gender neutral for future children in our home who might use it. Yes, I probably could’ve found a sock monkey or classic super hero theme, but if we ever re-decorate Ryce Man’s room, I would have to re-do the pipes as well.

IMG_4941 IMG_4932 IMG_4922 IMG_4921 IMG_4918 daysky12 daysky11 IMG_4945

Special thanks to Ryce Man’s Papa for purchasing our supplies for us!
Special thanks to our local hardware store and great friends for their business and special ordering our parts for us!