I am a stay-at-home-boy-mama to Lawson (age 3) and Linkin (age 1). I’ve always wanted to be a mother and a wife. I’ve been married to Justin for almost 6 years. I always planned to be a career woman while managing my household and raising my children. I never dreamed that I would be a stay-at-home-mama, but let me tell you – I am loving every minute of it, and I’m loving homeschooling as well (even tho my children are young and we’re just beginning).

If you read in the archives of this blog, you’ll see that homeschooling was once the sole purpose of this blog, but it’s funny how God changes our hearts a little bit at a time and things change. I still LOVE homeschooling and will continue to blog about our experiences there, but my blog is now evolving into not only homeschooling, but also parenting intentionally, organization, and homemaking which are all little pieces of what makes me, well me. These are the things that I love and enjoy , and I’m going to celebrate these things through my blog and my Pericopes as well.


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