What to Expect with Blessed Beginnings

Hi, followers! So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged – just a season of life that hasn’t really allowed much time for it, but I’m starting a new adventure soon with Periscope, so I thought I would need to use my blog to tag along with that.

Periscope, if you haven’t heard, is a new app that’s only a few months old, and it’s all the rage. I’m so loving following some of my favorite bloggers as they log in and do live video broadcasts each day. I’ve been inspired by them, and I want to do the same.

For me, Periscope provides a way for introverts like me to connect with the world around me, not just my little world and my household like I’ve done before. To connect with me through Periscope so that you can view my broadcasts, simply download the app and find me to follow (@laneyc9). When I do a live broadcast, you’ll receive a notification on your phone where you can click to see me live. You can leave public comments that I will see as I’m broadcasting so I can interact with you and answer your questions. I’d love to connect with you in this way!

So here’s what to expect with my periscopes and my blog here at Blessed Beginnings as well…

Book Club Scopes – (Tuesdays & Thursdays) I’m going to be reading books throughout the year and scoping about what I’m reading. You are welcome to purchase the books and read along with me or just watch my scopes and be inspired by my scopes alone.
*We’ll be starting with the book “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” by Crystal Paine on Tuesday, January 5th. (9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore your Passion for Life) I figured this book would be perfect to start with as we enter 2016 with our New Years’ Resolutions and ideas of being intentional in our lives.

What’s Working Wednesday – On Wednesdays I will scope about some aspect of my life that’s working for me – Maybe it could work for you too, whether it’s how I organize my makeup or how I use my daily calendar.

So, I’d love to connect with you! Follow me on Periscope, and be sure to Follow my blog by subscribing by email to receive updates of my posts and a readable version of my Periscope broadcasts!


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