Learning Activity Shelf


I’ve been on the lookout for some shelves that I can keep a few learning activities out for Lawson during the week. I finally found the perfect one and with a 50% off sale at a local store, it was perfect timing.

currently have a closet with shelves that is perfect to store ALL of our homeschool things that I’ve hoarded in a very organized way, but with it being a closet towards the back of the house, the learning activities are often out of sight and out of mind as well, which in the recent past has meant that they don’t get used very often.

Enter this new shelf. I placed it in the living room in a corner of the room, and each week I’ll add a few activities from our learning closet. It’s perfect for Lawson to explore and play on his own while I nurse the baby. He can even grab a few books for me to read to him, without having to walk ALL THE WAY TO HIS ROOM! πŸ™‚

This past week we had our toddler bible, our counting cans and a basket for the foods they contain, stringing beads, lacing cards, a stack of books, shape puzzles, a nesting doll, and a ring stacker. We were able to do all of these activities within the week, both together and independently.

It was a big hit!


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