Tot School: Ff for Foot (Body Parts Theme)

~Lawson is 19.5 months old.~

Each week… We’re using the Tot School Printables from 1+1+1=1 as well as anything else I have in my stash that goes along with our theme. We also begin each day with what’s called “Bible Class“. This is the interactive curriculum for babies and toddlers that I stumbled upon on Pinterest, and we use in our church nursery. I’ve adapted it to fit our Tot School. It’s great to begin our day with a little worship time!

Before the week begins, I’m pulling all of the resources I plan to use with Lawson including books, activities, toys, etc. I try to make sure things are mostly age-appropriate and on his developmental level, but I’m also not afraid to challenge him a little bit. I think children learn best when they are challenged slightly – not so much that they become frustrated, but just enough that they are eager to figure out whatever it is that is set before them. I make a list of all of these things so that I don’t forget the things that I’ve chosen for the week. I’m a natural list-maker, and I have lots of resources so my lists can be VERY LONG! If I don’t get to all of the things on the list during the week, it’s totally fine. We can save it for our review week or for another day in the future. I highlight through the items as we complete them, and it’s just one list for the entire week – not individual days. This keeps it simple for me, as I don’t want to overwhelm myself with the planning process.

This Week’s Focus: 
letter – Ff
object – foot
theme – Body Parts
color – Blue
number – 3
shape – triangle

This Week’s List of Plans:
*Main letter sheet with dry erase marker
*Vocabulary Development Page with dry erase marker
*Shapes Page with our Melissa & Doug Shapes Puzzle
*Numbers Page
*Dot paint the number 3
*Dot paint a triangle
*Trace left to right from F to f
*Sequencing Page
*Colors Page
*Colors Page to color with crayons and glue to paper
*Dot paint the feet; trace the letter page
*What starts with Ff page
*Shadow Matching
*Trace and color a triangle
*Dot paint the letter Ff
*Play-doh with letter F stamp
*Play-doh with triangle cutter
*Paint with triangle cutter
*Learning Resources Letter Construction
*Stringing/Lacing Practice
*Wooden Blocks (The blocks we have are “Foundations” by Kid O City and Country, purchased at TJ Maxx.)
*Beginners Walking Program
*Bible Class (daily or as often as possible)

Photo Dump from the Week: 

f f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f9 f10

Linking up at Gathering Place