Baby Barrett #2 (30 weeks in the making)

(Read with caution. Pregnancy Posts may have T.M.I.)

How far along? 30 weeks, due May 6th (Baby is now the size of a large cabbage.)

Total weight gain: 12 pounds – Our lifestyle is totally different than what we had when I was pregnant with Lawson so we’re mostly eating pretty clean. I find myself craving fresh fruits and veggies this time instead of carbs and peanut butter. I feel amazing!! Most days, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant – other than the round belly and the little kicks I feel throughout the day.

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty good, although I did have one night recently where I was just awake for no apparent reason. I feel minor heart burn when I lie down, but nothing compared to my pregnancy with Lawson. I also took a marvelous nap on Sunday, and I think this may be about to happen a little more often as I near the end of the pregnancy.

Miss Anything? I’m finding it to be a little harder to bend down and pick things up, which I am constantly doing with a toddler around. I also dislike not being able to cross my legs as easily in church… it makes sitting for a long length of time pretty uncomfortable.

Movement: I’m feeling lots of little kicks, and yesterday I felt him have the hiccups for the first time. Food cravings: A salad with lots of toppings like from Ruby Tuesday or Pizza Inn, a salad from Longhorns, and green beans from Bonefish Grill 🙂

Gender: It’s a boy! We actually found out at 15 weeks because it was OBVIOUS! If they told me girl at 15 weeks, I wouldn’t have believed them,  but with a boy, it’s pretty hard to deny. We announced it to our family on Thanksgiving.

Name: Linkin Jude

Labor Signs: maybe a Braxton Hick Contraction or two, but I really can’t remember how they feel so it might just be stretching of muscles

Belly Button: pretty much an outie most of the time now (It still really weirds me out.)

Wedding Rings: On

Happy or Moody most of the time: The moods seem to be leveling out.

Looking Forward to: Fixing up the nursery!

Next Appointment: Today, then every two weeks

We keep talking about “the baby” and telling Lawson about what’s coming, but I really think he has no clue. I’ve been nesting so we’ve been doing a little organizing in the nursery recently. He’s my little helper, and I keep talking about it being “the baby’s room”. Any tips on how to REALLY prepare him for what’s coming?? I’d love to know your input!


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