Tot School: Dd for Duck (Birds Theme)

~Lawson is 19 months old.~

Welcome back to our Tot School! Last week we had a week of review of letters Aa-Cc to try and sort those out. Lawson still likes to yell out “Aa” anytime I ask him about a letter, but he actually can identify the correct letters once I get him to focus – which is sometimes hit and miss with a toddler. I’m super proud of the mastery and successes we have had with him so far in Tot School. To be honest, I really didn’t expect him to catch on so well to these concepts. Exposure is greater than mastery in my book, but I can’t help but be a proud mama when he does get it. My only goal of our Tot School is to spend intentional time with my little one, giving him multiple meaningful exposures to skills and concepts through play and hands-on activities.  Mastery is not a part of that goal, but I know that one day (maybe even as early as today), he’ll naturally master each and every one of these concepts in his time and yearn to learn even more.

Each week… We’re using the Tot School Printables from 1+1+1=1 as well as anything else I have in my stash that goes along with our theme. We also begin each day with what’s called “Bible Class“. This is the interactive curriculum for babies and toddlers that I stumbled upon on Pinterest, and we use in our church nursery. I’ve adapted it to fit our Tot School. It’s great to begin our day with a little worship time!

Before the week begins, I’m pulling all of the resources I plan to use with Lawson including books, activities, toys, etc. I try to make sure things are mostly age-appropriate and on his developmental level, but I’m also not afraid to challenge him a little bit. I think children learn best when they are challenged slightly – not so much that they become frustrated, but just enough that they are eager to figure out whatever it is that is set before them. I make a list of all of these things so that I don’t forget the things that I’ve chosen for the week. I’m a natural list-maker, and I have lots of resources so my lists can be VERY LONG! If I don’t get to all of the things on the list during the week, it’s totally fine. We can save it for our review week or for another day in the future. I highlight through the items as we complete them, and it’s just one list for the entire week – not individual days. This keeps it simple for me, as I don’t want to overwhelm myself with the planning process.

This Week’s Focus: 
letter – Dd
object – duck
theme – Birds
color – yellow
number – 1
shape – circle

This Week’s List of Plans:
*Take a trip to the zoo (especially the Birds exhibit).
*Main letter sheet with dry erase marker
*Vocabulary Development Page with dry erase marker
*Shapes Page with our Melissa & Doug Shapes Puzzle
*Paint a duck yellow
*Numbers Page with our Foam Numbers & Magnetic Numbers
*Dot paint the number 1
*Dot paint a circle
*Trace left to right from D to d
*Sequencing Page
*Colors Page – matching with marker tops
*Colors Page to color with crayons and glue to paper
*Size sorting activity with birds
*Count and color 1 duck page.
*Dot paint the ducks; trace the letter page.
*What starts with Dd page
*Shadow Matching
*Color an eagle
*Trace and color a circle
*Color a duck
*Dot paint the letter Dd.
*Play-doh with letter D stamp
*Play-doh with circle cutter
*Paint with circle cutter
*Learning Resources Letter Construction
*Stringing/Lacing Practice
*Wooden Blocks
*Bird-themed Beanie Babies
*Beginners Walking Program
*Bible Class (daily or as often as possible)

Activities & Materials We Used this Week:
*Wooden Duck Puzzle purchased a long while ago from Michael’s
*Wooden Blocks (The blocks we have are “Foundations” by Kid O City and Country, purchased at TJ Maxx.)
*Melissa & Doug Shapes Puzzle – We used this with the Shapes Printable.
*Learning Resources Letter Construction
*Pet-themed Beanie Babies from our collection
*Circle Box with all sorts of circle-shaped toys and items to explore
*We planned to visit a local zoo this week, but their Winter hours didn’t fall on a day we were available. I’m disappointed than very few of our field trips have panned out so far. 😦

Books We Read This Week: (We rotate our books weekly since we have so many. This keeps me from reading the same favorites over and over again, and allows me to read other choices in between.)
The Ugly Duckling (See and Say Storybook) A Read Along With Me Book
Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey (Lawson lost interest quickly in this one, but I continued to read aloud to him while he played.)
Penguins by Kathlee Weidner Zoehfeld
Beaks! by Sneed B. Collard III
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle
Nature Words – Baby Einstein
Colors – Baby Einstein
Let’s Count – Baby Einstein
Animals All Around – Baby Einstein
On the Farm  – Baby Einstein
Shapes – Baby Einstein
My First Farm: Let’s Get Working by DK Publishing
Do you Hear It? by Eric Carle
What is Black & White? by Susan Ring
My “D” Book by Jane Belk Moncure

Photo Dump from the Week: 


Lawson loves to “col col” (translation: color color) on his printables!

d3 d2

d4 d5 d6



Lawson had a buddy over for a play-date on Tuesday. They had lots of fun playing music together and playing trucks.

d10 d13 d14


This round box was an impromptu learning tool this week. One day during nap, I just filled it with all kinds of toys and things that were circles. He just played with it a few times during the week, and we found that some of the circles roll really good on the hardwood floors 😉

d15 d16


d18 d19

Our Bird Beanie Babies… Mama has quite the collection! So glad I’ve found a way to use them again, because they sure weren’t doing any good sitting in Papaw & Nana’s attic. 

Lawson showed absolutely no interest in the size sorting activity. Some things are just like that, and as a teacher – we must be able to adapt and follow the child’s lead. 


We picked another friend up from daycare on Wednesday, so Lawson had two play dates this week. Who says homeschoolers have to be unsocialized?! 😉

And my final picture for the week… I painted a chalkboard in Lawson’s room. The teacher in me squeals with joy! I love writing on a good chalkboard! As you can see, Lawson loves it too! I actually primed this with magnetic primer so we could use our alphabet magnets each week, but it didn’t work. After following the directions to a tee, only a few of our magnets would stick…and then they would slide down and fall off. Disappointed, but we still love the chalkboard. I have plans to add molding for a more appealing look. 

Next week we’ll be learning all about the letter Ee!

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