We are potty-training!

Now that I am a full-time stay-at-home-mama (Yay!) and not keeping other kids in the house, there are a few things I’ve been putting off that we are now ready for. Last week we introduced Lawson to the “open cup” at meal and snack times. This week, we’ve decided to be more consistent with our potty training.

Here’s what we’ve done so far…
At first, my goal was to keep things simple by not purchasing all this unnecessary stuff like a potty seat when we could just use the regular toilet. We allowed him to go with us to the bathroom and emphasized the potty words we would be using with him. Without an older sibling or any other potty-trained kids for him to imitate, we didn’t wait for him to show an interest in potty-training. We introduced this concept to him ourselves.

I tried to let Lawson sit on the toilet both facing forward and backward (Someone suggested this to us). Of course, I held onto him while he sat, but he was very afraid of the real toilet and clearly not ready to start there. We even tried letting him stand on a small step-stool and try going straight to standing. This didn’t work either and resulted in a puddle at his feet, which I felt was unsafe while standing on a step stool – just my opinion.

As a parent, we try what we think is best, and when that fails – we adapt. That’s what I did. I purchased an inexpensive potty seat for Lawson while I was out and about one day (November 14th to be exact). No, I didn’t let him pick it out. He was only 16 months old at the time, and he had never had any experience at all with a potty so I felt that part was pointless. I set the potty out when I got home, and we let him sit on it. The very next day, Lawson pee-peed in his potty for the first time. I was amazed and impressed that it happened so fast! Two days later, he poo-pood in his new potty. Um, okay. Wow!

The only thing we were really doing at this point was letting him sit on his potty for a short while after we changed his diaper. We weren’t consistent with trying to make him actually potty in it – we just wanted him to associate the two events together and eventually maybe we could skip the diaper change part. So it just kind of happened, but no, I would not say he was potty trained. He just had a few successes that were kind of spontaneous. We began a sticker chart with him and praised those successes, but they weren’t consistent – not even every day successes.

Thanksgiving Week, we traveled and stayed with family. This was our set back. I never really intended to start potty training before Thanksgiving for that reason, but when those successes happened naturally I decided to just go with it. We packed his potty and took it with us, but with all of the busyness and being in a different place and out and about, it didn’t really work out. I decided to put off the potty training process until after Christmas. I knew we would have time at home to ourselves to really focus on it then.

Lawson continued to tell us when he went “poo poo” in his diaper, and we would change him. Sometimes he would tell us “poo poo” before the action happened, and we tried to rush him to his potty. This wasn’t consistent though. He would even say “poo poo” if he passed gas, which I though was pretty smart to associate those two urges together.

Potty Training Boot Camp: Plan of Action
So our potty training this week isn’t as hard core as that sounds, but I made absolutely no plans this week other than potty training. It’s our first week at home, just the two of us, all week, and we plan to be successful in this area. I am turning on the heat when necessary to keep in warm in our house, and Lawson is not wearing a diaper or underwear or pants during the day. He is completely naked on the bottom-half (so there won’t be many pictures this week…. hehe). I’ve found that if I put a diaper on him or even underwear, he doesn’t notice the urge to go as well. This plan may result in some puddles or messes, but I’m prepared for that.

We’ll see how it goes!


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