Baby Barrett #2 (19 weeks in the making)

(Read with caution. Pregnancy Posts may have T.M.I.)

How far along? 19 weeks, due May 6th (Baby is now the size of a mango.)

Total weight gain: 3 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Stretch marks? Not from this pregnancy, but some faint remains from the last one

Sleep: I’m sleeping great. I added two pillows to my set-up this past week.

Miss Anything? No. 

Movement: I felt the first little kicks from the outside yesterday 😉

Food cravings: Brussel Sprouts recipe we had at Thanksgiving and Chocolate – Covered Strawberries

Gender: It’s a boy! We actually found out at 15 weeks because it was OBVIOUS! If they told me girl at 15 weeks, I wouldn’t have believed them,  but with a boy, it’s pretty hard to deny. We announced it to our family on Thanksgiving.

Name: Linkin Jude

Labor Signs: too early for all that

Belly Button: innie – but it’s on the verge of becoming an outie already (It still really weirds me out.)

Wedding Rings: On

Happy or Moody most of the time: The moods seem to be leveling out.

Looking Forward to: Fixing up the nursery!

Next Appointment: December 17th


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