Sewing: My New, but Short-lived Hobby


Burp Cloths, Carseat Belt Covers, Key Fob, & Flannel Receiving Blanket

I have ALWAYS wanted to sew. I see all of these adorable outfits (especially for girls), and I want to be able to make them for my girls someday. My favorite blankets with Ryce Man were some that a local seamstress just added a hem to a yard of flannel fabric. So one day I decided to post on facebook something about how I would love to be blessed with a sewing machine (perhaps someone had one collecting dust??). And someone did. I got a response offering to let me borrow the sewing machine of a lady in our church. This was a top-of-the-line sewing machine that even had an embroidery attachment so I could do monogramming. I was super excited, but the only catch was that it was to be “borrowed” and later returned. Oh, well. At least I would enjoy it for a little while.


Bib & Burp Cloth Set (the bib now has a button added)

I had no clue how to sew. I didn’t know a thing about a sewing machine, but I was determined to learn. I took out the manual and read while the kids slept. I read and read and looked at diagrams. Not a single thing made sense to me – It was in another language (seamstress-ese?). I read about bobbin winding, and I couldn’t find out how to know whether I was supposed to use the upper threading option or the bobbin thread for particular projects – turns out, you use both for all projects. I really had no clue. But I did learn. I followed the steps on the diagrams and threaded the needle, wound the bobbin, and installed the bobbin. I was ready.


Bibs that now have buttons added to them

I was excited and scared to make my first stitch. The foot pedal terrified me, but I did it. I went oh-so-slow. Justin’s grandmother came over one day to give me a few pointers, and she joked that I would never finish anything at that pace. My stitches were crooked, and it took me forever to do them that way too. 😉

Eventually, I learned how to line up the fabric with the presser foot and make a straight stitch. I leaned how to make a curved stitch, correctly by following the fabric. I learned to cut fabric, and to make hems, and to turn things inside out so they turn out prettier. I told you I was determined, and I learned how to sew – the basics anyway. I can do anything I put my mind to.


Monogrammed Blanket I made for a friend having a baby girl

Unfortunately, after I worked hard to learn how to operate a sewing machine and even monogram, she asked for her sewing maching back. The downside of borrowing things… I was super sad, but now I’m working extra hard to save up to buy one of my own. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to pick up this hobby again.


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