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I just love Pinterest and all of the neat ideas I find. I used two found ideas to share our most recent news… 

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Yes, we are pregnant. We are due May 6, 2014, and Ryce Man will become a big brother, and I’m sure he’ll be a great one!

To answer a few questions…
Were we trying? 
Yes, but why people ask this question is beyond me. It’s as if to say -Is this baby an oops? or Did you want another baby?- I mean Really?!
All babies were created by God and have a purpose, no matter how they were conceived.

Actually though – this has been the most-asked question we got before we announced are news –
“When are ya’ll trying for the next one?”  -“Um, tonight?” Do you really want us to answer that?

People also have loved telling us that it’s time for another one. Now, yes, we did agree, but that also OUR decision, not theirs.

Do we want a boy or a girl? 
We’d love to have a girl, but like every parent would  say, we just want a healthy baby.

T.M.I. – Read with caution… 
We waited until I was sure that I had missed a period before taking a test, but still found out early I guess so I am 4 and a half weeks now. I am tired, and have been taking a short (15-30 minute) nap every day. I am peeing a lot, but I also drink a lot of water. My belly feels fuller now, especially after I eat. That’s the only symptoms I am experiencing now, and I am hoping to get a prescription of Zofran before the nausea kicks in.

Lots of updates ahead!



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