Tot School: How God Made the World

Ryce Man & Lil G are 14 months old. Ryce Man is my son, and Lil G comes over to play and learn with us during the week.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what we would be learning about this week?? That’s right – I didn’t tell you. About a week ago, I realized I hadn’t added any activities to the planned theme I originally had, so I decided to go a totally new route and make something up myself.

Something I’ve been seeing a lot on Pinterest is Bible-based homeschooling and using the Bible as the main text…. spelling words from the Bible, History from the Bible, Science from the Bible, etc. While my tots aren’t quite ready for all that, we did do our own Bible-based tot-schooling this week. I took a children’s Bible story book ldjf;jfldjf;lajf;llajd;f to be exact, and made up my own lessons from the story. We can read and review the story each day and do activities to go along with it. I love it, and it’s perfect for toddlers!

So this week we read “How God Made the World” (I’ve actually got two more weeks of activities planned for this story so I guess you could consider this a unit Bible study.) We’re doing lots of animal review and nature review, as this is the story of Creation. This particular version of the Creation Story is wonderful because it’s several pages long, with excellent pictures and reads like a story – not just a short paragraph like some children’s Bibles do.

Here is what i had planned for the week:

Sensory – Make something with Play-doh. (God liked to make things, & we like to make things.)
Sensory Sand Bin with Shells

Spatial (Building & Construction) – Make something with wooden blocks; Clippos; Waffle Blocks. Melissa & Doug Shape Stacker
*I’m trying to do something building & construction-related with the boys every day as well as work a puzzle together. I didn’t plan the puzzles ahead of time, just noted the ones we worked during the week.

Fine Motor – Put coins in a globe bank. (Closely supervised!!) -They actually did great with this!
String PVC Pipe rings (left from our d.i.y. gym). (Closely supervised as well!!)

Reading – Use Bible Class Method for a Circle Time of singing and reading the story

Word Wall – Review at least one section daily: Colors, numbers, first words & pictures, body parts

Planned Art – Add sand to paper to make the dry land with hills. Add grass, leaves, and beans for plants that grow.

Art Journals – daily if time allows (Free Art for Creative expression)

Gross Motor – Baby to Big Kid Gym, Swinging Outside, Beginners walking program

Our Favorite Activity This Week: Lil G picked it up immediately and did better than I even expected from this two. Ryce Man got frustrated because his coins wouldn’t go in at first, but as the week progressed he figured out how to do it too. This held their attention and focus for quite some time. (Whoever said children have short attention spans? lol) This activity was just challenging enough for them. I let Ryce Man keep a quarter out each time he did it over the weekend to spend when we went to support Daddy playing church softball!
creation creation2 creation3 creation4 creation9 creation8 creation7 creation6 creation5

One afternoon we caught this lizard in Ryce Man’s closet. Yes, I know, right?! We carried him to his home outside, and I let Ryce Man look at him to see his reaction. He immediately tried to grab him. Typical Boy!

creation10 creation11

Arts & Crafts – We used sand from our sand bin to make the “dry land” that God made. We also added dry beans for little gardens. We made a grass collage, and we finger painted a crescent for the moon God made.

creation23 creation22

creation27 creation28

Favorite Reading Spot – This is an infant tub we got out to play with in the pool this Summer (not to be used as a safety device or floatie), but ever since it’s been the perfect spot to read and relax! 
creation18 creation17

Ryce Man’s Climbing Adventures- 

creation25 creation24 creation12 creation13

Mr. Independent fixed himself a snack this week… by reaching on the counter to get this banana. He, then, proceeded to eat it by mushing it out the ends. Whatever works! I’d like to have a real snack station set up for him soon. It’s in-the-process of being created.

creation20 creation19

With toddlers in the house, I’m finding more and more messes like these. But it is pretty impressive that as soon as I hear “Uh-oh”, I see him begin to pick them back up without me even asking. Proud mommy moment!


Squatting and Reading an upside-down book…

creation14 creation26

And guess who turned 14 months old this week?! 


Thanks for visiting our Tot School! Until next week!

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