Bible Class (Baby & Toddler Curriculum)


This past week on Pinterest, I found this curriculum for Babies and Toddlers and knew immediately it would be perfect for our church nursery. I watched the video she posted and was amazed at how she engaged the attention of the small children and even the baby in the video! They all seemed very eager and excited to come to Bible Class with her, and I knew I wanted to the same for our toddlers at church as well!

I printed the pdf file and gathered some of our toys and supplies from home.

I put them together in my ThirtyOne Bag that I had originally purposed for our homeschooling, but we haven’t really used it yet. These bags are great for organization, and I also use one for my son’s diaper bag! This is my sister’s referral page for ThirtyOne if you’re interested!


Here’s what I’ve got inside…
*Read-Aloud Bible Stories (How God Made the World) to tell of Creation (Any children’s bible or storybook with creation could work)
*A Globe Bank (found a while back at a local thrift store) – It’s small and perfect for letting the children hold as we sing “He’s got the whole
world in His hands”. (Any type of globe could work)
*Small Bibles
*Small mirrors
*Curriculum Printouts (I cut mine, laminated them, and used a cable tie to attach them – don’t judge!) 😉 

Also inside…
*Container of Transportation toys – boats, planes, cars, etc. (for how we got to Bible class)
*Container of Fruits and Vegetable Toys (for plants God made)
*Container of Animals
The containers fit perfectly inside my bag and keep the different categories separate.


So here’s how our very first Bible Class Experience went in our church nursery…
Once all of the toddlers were dropped off in the nursery, we cleaned up the toys they had been free-playing with. This would help keep the distractions put away as we tried to have a structured time with them. They haven’t really had any structured time in the past, but we’ve been in the process of searching for what could work for this young age.

We have rubber “Dots” as we call them that we lay out for the children to sit on so they each have their own spot. Our room is small so we don’t have a table with chairs for the entire group. We had 10-12 kids on this particular Sunday, but someone we got them all sitting, ready to see what we were about to do. They watched and listened. I’m sure they were confused because all of this was totally new to them.

I rolled up one of the dots to look through like you would a paper towel tube or something, and I sang the song about who came to Bible Class. I found each one of them with my tube, and some of them were excited to see that I found them or I was calling their name.

We sang the song about how they came to Bible Class, and I let them each hold a car from the box as we did so. We passed around the small Bibles as we sang “We love the Bible”.

Then, they absolutely loved this next activity! I pulled out the mirrors and sang to each one of them their name, and how they are special because God made them with brown hair and blue eyes, etc. They LOVED seeing themselves in the mirror!

We looked at the pictures in the creation story I had and played with the toy food, then the animals as we sang the animal songs in the curriculum. We sang about the animals that fly or swim or hop, even the sounds that some of them make. (I have plenty of animals at home, so many that we could have different animals each week and they’d never see the same animals twice.)

We pulled the baby dolls from the shelf in the room and sang “Jesus loves the little children”. (I didn’t personally have baby dolls to contribute as I am a boy mom right now.) We sang “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”, as we passed the globe around.

We prayed a simple children’s song prayer I remembered from my preschool teaching days. We cleaned up the toys, and passed out snack cups.

My Review
The experience we had was amazing with these little ones. I’m so impressed with how well it held their attention. It took up some of our time. We weren’t just babysitting them as they played freely with toys. They had adult interaction, and we had intentional time with them to teach them. I was blessed by the experience, and I think the other nursery volunteers serving were as well. I think each of the children felt special and loved during this time, and that is our goal! This curriculum was FREE, just a printout of 3 pages. The items were easy to collect because I have children in my home, but that would be the only thing you’d have to spend money on if you’d like to duplicate this idea. I would recommend it to anyone with babies or toddlers, and I’m currently doing it with my toddlers in Tot School at home as well. It’s the same basic outline everyday, but there are so many ways you can extend it to provide a new experience each day, although it’s not necessary because children love repetition!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the cards, but you can print the curriculum for yourself by following this link.
IMG_4931 IMG_4930 IMG_4929 IMG_4928

I’d love to hear about what you currently use for baby and toddler Bible curriculum or if you decide to use this one – how it goes for you!


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