Setting my Feet on the Right Path

“How can I profess to be a Christian to others when I spend more time planning out school lessons, doing chores and planning out meals for my family than I do spending time with the God who GAVE me the blessings I am working so hard to take care of? How can I “walk worthy of the calling” if I don’t take time to even set my feet on the “right Path”?”Ā 


This little paragraph from this article hit me right between the eyes. She’s referring to our time spent with God each day, and this is definitely something I struggle with as well. I have good intentions of keeping up with my bedtime and morning routines so that I don’t wake up to dirty dishes in the sink and piles and piles of dirty laundry. I try not to hit the snooze in the morning or spend time on Pinterest before getting out of bed so that I can get up and spend quiet time alone with my God. The undone chores call me and distract me each morning from my time with Him.

Yes, I have chores that I do in the mornings that work well for me- sweeping the floors, general tidying up – I don’t do well at staying up late to get these things done. I try to at least get the dishes rinsed and soaking before bedtime so that all I have to do in the mornings is rinse the soap off of them and put them in the drying rack. I get my few morning chores done, and I love to spend time with God while I eat my breakfast in the morning.

The mornings that the chores are done and I have time to sit quietly reading and praying are always more glorious than the ones where I don’t get to. Sometimes I struggle to comprehend what I’m reading and say shorter prayers throughout the day instead, which is okay, but not as ideal. I’m blessed to have a little one who sleeps until 7:30ish and can feed himself the breakfast I prepare. Of course, I do have a big mess to clean afterwards (He is only 13 months after all ), but it allows me to read or pray some more or read aloud to him which I do from time to time.

I’d love to hear about your morning/bedtime routines and how you fit in your quiet time with God each day…


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