Tot School: The Day Sky

Ryce Man is 13.5 months old, and Lil G is 14 months old. Ryce Man is my son, and Lil G comes over to play and learn with us each day while his mommy is at work. (My Tot School posts contain affiliate links.)

This week I’m introducing a few new vocabulary words with “The Day Sky” as my theme. My inspiration for this week’s theme was this post by Like Mama Like Daughter. I’ll admit it was pretty difficult for me to come up with activities for this week. I think all of the “Rotating Toys and Activities” has also been getting to me because I don’t feel like we have enough space for the things that aren’t being used. I think we’ll be going back to our bins on the shelves for now and save the baskets and more-Montessori for later when the boys are a little older. The baskets and trays were not holding up so well with two destructive boys who like to stand and sit on them 😉

My plans for this week’s Tot School…

Character – I’ve been reading a bible story each day from our children’s bible. We discuss the characters and pictures we see on the pages.

Language – Sky, Cloud, Sun, Rain, Rainbow, Balloon, Bird, Airplane, Umbrella

Movement – Beginners Walking Program, Blow Cotton Balls and Watch them move across the floor, Pretend to fly like airplanes

Small Objects – Put rings around craft sticks, Spikey Balls to push through a hold in the lid of a container (d.i.y.)

Senses – Cotton balls, yellow foam circle suns, cards from our Memory game that represent things in the sky; Shaving cream; Ivory Soap Clouds (microwaved); Cloud dough (8 cups flour & 1 cup of baby oil)

Writing – Fingerpaint a sun template with yellow and orange; cloud painting (equal parts school glue and shaving cream); Glue cotton balls to paper like clouds; paint with cotton balls on a cloud template with blue; color rain drop templates blue and attach with yarn from cloud template

SpatialWaffle Blocks, wooden blocks, clippos

Math – Match one to one suns and clouds; count suns; count clouds; sort suns and clouds

ReadingLittle Cloud by Eric Carle and other books that the children “throw” at me to read 😉

Here’s how our week of Tot School went…

I’ve seen this activity several times both on Pinterest and blogs of other tot-schooling moms. This is the first time I’ve tried it with my little ones. I think when I saw it on Pinterest, they used uncooked spaghetti noodles, Play-doh, and cheerios to practice the Fine Motor Skills, but a few weeks ago I saw the idea to use Pipe-Cleaner Rings, Craft Sticks, and Play-doh.

Ryce Man wasn’t sure about this activity – he thought it was a snack-on-a-stick at first, even after I demonstrated what he was supposed to do with it. We’re apparently still in the oral stage and taste everything. I modified this activity twice during the time we spent with it as you can see below. First, I tried putting away the Play-doh and holding the stick for him to put the rings on. Then, I tried to get him to put the rings on my fingers. I think we’ll wait a while before we try this activity again – He may not be ready quite yet.

daysky daysky2 daysky3 daysky4

I made these “Suns” to go along with our theme and to use for math activities. Math is my least favorite area to teach, and I struggle with making myself do it each week… you know counting, sorting, etc. I don’t know why this is, but I figured if I spent time making something, it would force me to work on math with the boys. I’m not sure the exact goal of this activity, but it’s something I’ve seen all over with Tot Schooling and putting different objects in sections of ice trays and muffin tins, etc. That’s what we did here, and we also counted them. Mom points right here for getting it done!

daysky5 daysky6

I made the “Cloud Dough” this week to go along with our Day Sky Theme, but it seemed to be almost exactly the same as our Moon Sand we have. I’m not sure if I did the recipe correctly. Perhaps I should add more Baby Oil to make it more dough-y. The boys looked at it and scooped a few times, but wanted to just play outside and explore instead. They probably would’ve been more interested in it if we did it inside, but I’m just not that brave. (Our Wal-Mart only had one of those plastic pools left when we checked, and it was cracked. Boo.)
daysky7 daysky8
I saw the idea to build a Baby-to-Big Kid Gym from Doman Mom, and immediately knew we needed to try this with our little climber! We picked up the supplies from our local Hardware store and got busy on it. The gym isn’t quite complete yet – we have to glue the pieces together and duct tape the pipes to make it look cooler. (Full Post Coming Soon!) We let the boys test it out, and they loved it immediately! Then, they disassembled it and carried the pieces around. Boys!

daysky9 daysky10 daysky11 daysky12

Just as I said before, I knew they would be more interested in this sensory bin if it were inside. My little climber found where I’d put it away (not too far away I guess). And yes, he did love it. He loved throwing it too, which I didn’t love so much. 
daysky13 daysky14


“Now they’re really gonna think we’re twins!”

On Wednesday, Lil G wore the same outfit as my little Ryce Man. These boys are one-week apart in age so it’s pretty much like I have twins. All day long, I had to glance twice to see who I was talking to.


Painting our rain clouds with cotton balls. Of course, they like to taste the paint too.

daysky18 daysky19 daysky20 daysky21
I put this set together to make a few, large waffle blocks. The boys loved them! The blocks were just big enough to hold one of the plastic balls we have so I put one inside which really baffled the boys when they shook them but couldn’t get them out. I took one end off the block, and they had fun putting the ball in and taking it out. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you won’t be surprised to see that the boys like to dump things out and stand on the containers. We do that with pretty much every activity.

daysky26 daysky25 daysky24 daysky22 daysky23

daysky41 daysky40

With our theme of “The Day Sky” I planned several activities with cotton balls. I’m not sure where this particular idea came from but it was to blow cotton balls and watch them move across the floor. The boys loved this activity. I placed it under the category of “Movement” on my planning sheet, and rightfully so – I sat in one place and blew them across the floor. The boys would chase them and bring them back to me for me to do it again. I love how simple things can be so much fun for them!

daysky29 daysky30

The boys found the box of tissues I had in the living room and attempted to “roll” my living room. This was done very quickly too, in under a minute before I discovered what they’d done.


An example of what NOT to do in Tot School – 

This boy just keeps going to more levels of danger each and every day. I’m never surprised to find him on top of a table, but I wish he would be more careful. He has no fear, and that’s scary to me since he’s only 13 months old right now.


Cloud Sorting & Counting

We had several sensory bins this week. I wanted to do one with cotton balls, and I really wasn’t sure what to add. I am pretty proud of the way it turned out though – using cards from our Memory game we have.



daysky38 daysky39


Our Updated “Word & Picture Wall” – The boys love pointing to pictures as I name them (with some accuracy). 

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