Tot School: Summer Fun Theme

Ryce Man & Lil G are 13 months old. Ryce Man is my little guy, and Lil G comes to stay, play, and learn with us while his Mommy is at work during the week. πŸ˜‰

Character – We’re still reading a Bible Story each day.

Language – We’re still using our Words on the Wall in Ryce Man’s room. I’m trying to add a few words and pictures each week. We also use lots of language to discuss our daily activities and discuss lots of pictures we see in the books we read.

Movement & Music – We’re doing a Beginner’s Walking Program. Our goal is to walk half a mile in 30 minutes as soon as we can, and then progress to various terrains. We live in a quiet neighborhood, which has very little traffic on our street, which is great for this. I’m practicing with getting the boys to “hold my hand” while we walk so I can confidently take them out in public together without having to carry them soon. I’ve found that little ones get VERY DISTRACTED on these walks by every little thing they see so it may take us a while to reach our goal. πŸ™‚ I’m using the “Map My Walk” app on my iphone to track our progress. Other activities for the week include throwing and catching a ball; Swinging in the back yard; Sliding at the park; Riding our little car riding toys; and riding in the wagon.

WritingΒ – I’ve decided to divide this category into “Planned Art”, an activity that goes along with our theme and “Free Art” which will be done daily in their Art Journals. The Planned Art for the week will be to color small pages with ice cream cones to make an “Ice Cream Colors” Book at the end of the week. We also colored a Beach Ball. Add ice cream themed stickers to our art journal coloring pages.

SensesΒ – Blow bubbles; Taste Ice Cream (Photo Shoot eating the ice cream cones outside); Sensory Sand Box


These boys love to sit in, stand on, and climb anything and everything!


I asked him to find orange… proud mama! We don’t have 100% accuracy, but when he gets it correct, I get so excited and make a really big deal!

Building with blocks… They still really love to knock down my creations (Boys!), but Lil G is trying to build his own structure here! summerfun3 summerfun2 Planned Art & Free Art… summerfun13 summerfun6 Play ball! summerfun11 summerfun10 summerfun9 summerfun8 summerfun7

This might be my favorite picture from the week - I just love the expression on his face!

This might be my favorite picture from the week – I just love the expression on his face!

**I will be updating this post soon with pictures from our Ice Cream Cone Photo Shoot. My computer isn’t reading the SD card from my camera so I’ll have to find another way to upload them. Tot-School-Gathering-Place4122222


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