Tot School: Minute by Minute


Here is an actual, minute-by-minute account of one of our Tot School Hours from the week. You’ll notice that it’s very child-led. I offer a few new things each time, but for the most part, they lead and I follow.

9:01 – I read the short bible story, “Baby Jesus is Born”. Ryce Man sit’s in my lap, and Lil G stands and looks at the book too. We pointed to the cow, the horse, the sheep, and the characters of the story (Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus). They had some accuracy when pointing to the animals I asked for. We counted the sheep in the picture and made all of the animal sounds.

9:05 – Ryce Man closes the storybook bible, and Lil G hits the book with a hammer (from a Melissa and Doug Toy we have) to let me know they are finished with that. I do a quick clean sweep of the room to put toys away. I know they’ll just get them out again, but the fewer toys that are out = fewer distractions. These boys get distracted very easily 😉

9:07 – We point to pictures on the Word Wall. They have some accuracy with this as well, pointed to the dog and saying “woof woof”.

9:08 – I smelled a stinky diaper, so I went to get some diapers to change it.

9:10 – Ryce Man pulled out the Car Loader Melissa and Doug toy set and made the car sound. Then, he pulled out his drum from the shelf and held it like it was a horn and made noises with the echo inside it. Lil G pointed to pictures from the Word Wall and babbled a good bit – I wish I knew what he was thinking.

9:11 – Ryce Man pulled the books off the shelf, and Lil G looked through them. Ryce Man went back to play with the drum and tried to stand on it.

9:13 – The boys had a spitting contest (not literally – but they do make the sounds and imitate each other).

9:14 – Ryce Man threw a book at me “Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes” so I read it to them. We point to our body parts as mentioned in the book, and I exaggerate this movement activity for them.

9:18 – I offer a beach ball coloring page (our planned art) and crayons at the table. I name the colors as they pick them up. Ryce Man throws the crayon and sits in my lap to let me know he is finished.


9:21 – Lil G picks up a crayon, makes a mark, and dances. 😉 He carries the crayon across the room, back, and picks up another crayon. I chase him across the room to let him know the crayons stay on the table. He moves onto something else.

9:23 – Ryce Man pulls a puzzle from the gutter shelf above the table and leaves it there.

9:24 – The boys look at books they took off the shelf earlier.

9:26 – Lil G dumps the basket of blocks. I go over, and we play with them. I stack them. They knock them down and attempt to stack them some as well. We clean up the blocks.

summerfun3 summerfun2

9:29 – Ryce Man climbs in the basket of blocks and stands in it to reach the color words on the wall, so we review. He points to Orange when I asked him to. (Proud mama moment!)


9:33 – Repeat review with Lil G. He sits in the basket of blocks.


9:34 – We take some time to color some more on our pages.

9:36 – We read “Spot Visits His Grandparents”. Lil G sits in my lap, as we read and point to pictures on the pages. Ryce Man comes over with a puzzle piece in his mouth. Lil G leaves before we get to the end of the story.

9:39 – Ryce Man slips and gets upset so I hug and kiss him.

9:41 – Ryce Man tries to climb on his shelf and slips again. Repeat the mama-comforting-son process.

9:42 – The boys look at the books again.

9:43 – I change a diaper, brush Ryce Man’s teeth, and dress him for the day (yes, he’s still in his pajamas at this time).

9:46 – I leave them to play together while I prepare their morning snack.

9:56 – I return, and we clean up the room (scratch that – I clean up the room).

9:58 – We walk to the kitchen for snack. Morning Tot School is over.


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