Our Off Week

This past week was an “Off Week” for us with Tot School – no real plans. I decided to go ahead and practice a Sabbath Schooling Schedule with our school, even though some would say there’s no need for any schedule or plans at all with this age. My type A, planner personality says otherwise, but I do try to give myself “planned breaks” or off- weeks. We do about six weeks maximum of planned Tot School Activities 4-5 days a week, then take a week off. We may take more time off for holidays and such, but we’ll still do fun, spontaneous activities during those times if we want to.

For example, this past week I had no theme or planning chart filled out. My husband was out of town with a conference with our Church, so I invited my mom (Ryce Man’s Nana) to come stay with us for a few days. Lil G still came to play, and we just had a laid-back week. We did plan a little field trip to the beach (it’s not too far from us) to complete our “Ocean Week” we had the week before. (See our Beach Post here.)

Here are some other photos from the week… 
Fun with Shaving Cream




Cleaning Up and Fun with the Water Hose (We made it into a little sprinkler!)
013 014 015 020 019 018 017 016

My little climber… Yes, I could tell him AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to get down, but I’m to the point of “Why bother?” He’s good with balance and not falling, so I guess I’ll just let him climb (maybe). 
048 052


030 029 028 021 023 022


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