An Open-Minded Puzzle Time

Over the weekend, I spent some time with my little man playing in his room with his toys as we often do. Nothing was planned. I wasn’t doing “Tot School” with him, just letting him play and following his lead. I just wanted to share a little tidbit with you about a period of time Ryce Man spent with one of his puzzles. He probably worked with the same puzzle for at least 8-10 minutes. I just watched as he thought and learned and invented new ways to play and figure it all out.

The puzzle he was working with was Melissa & Doug’s Pet Sounds Puzzle. It makes the animal sounds of each of the pets, and I think it works by a motion sensor. He loved to take the pieces out. Sometimes he actually was able to put the pieces in the correct slots, which I was pretty amazed by…. He couldn’t care less 😉 I must be really close-minded when it comes to puzzles. He, however, is very open-minded in his play. Here I thought puzzles were only for taking the pieces out and putting them back in. That’s it. Or so I thought.

Not only did he take pieces out and put them back in (over and over again) – He turned his drum upside down and put all the pieces in it. He shook it to make noise. He dumped it to empty the pieces out. He took each piece, one at a time, and banged them on the drum to make music. He then put them in the puzzle again. He picked up the puzzle and shook it to empty the pieces. So many things to do with one simple puzzle.

You might not think any of this has any meaning at all, but I am just so impressed with how inventive he is and with the length of his attention span with something he is interested in. I love that he isn’t close-minded to only do the task at hand the exact way it’s meant to be done. I want him to be creative, and he is doing just that.


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