Friday’s Favorites (Baby Toys)

(Most of my posts contain affiliate links.)

My little one just turned O-N-E so I’m thinking back on this one to tell you about our favorite baby toys.

You may think a $20+ teether is overrated, but our family loved Sophie! We found that the price we paid was well-worth it, and we believe all of the good things said about Sophie in this video.

Play Gyms/Play Mats/Activity Mats
The one we had is Taggies Bug and Hug Play Gym, but I really think any play gym at all would be great for baby. Since this is the one we have, I’ll give my review on it.
The play gym is where our little one learned how to play independently by himself. We would lay him on the little mat under all of the dangly things and go cook dinner, pay bills, you name it. He loved to stare at all of the links and bugs that hung above him. Soon, he learned to swat and kick them to make them move. The caterpillar also plays music, and it’s not the annoying lullabies you always hear. 🙂 It’s more playful, hip music that brings happiness to a mom’s ears, especially when baby loves it too and plays happily with it to free you up for a bit. Our little one also loved the little taggies on our play gym when he started to roll over and could touch and feel them. Because of the independent play time that the play gym gave our baby, he can now play in his room by himself with his toys safely for up to an hour (although I can’t stand to be away from him that long when he’s awake so I usually go and play with him).


Black, White, & Red Books (Inside pictured below)
The soft books that have lots of black, white, and red colors are very stimulating for an infant’s eyes as they are learning to focus. The first book like this that we got was actually a photo album (linked above) so we could actually add pictures of Mommy and Daddy and other family members as well when he was ready for it. We used these books for “Reading Time” several times a day when our little man was a baby. With tummy time, we’d set a book up in front of him for him to look at or beside him if he was on his back. Later as he sat up in his Bumbo, he could hold the book himself and stare at it.


O-ball with Rainstick (Pictured above)
This ball is perfect for little fingers to grasp and hold on to. I remember the first time Ryce Man kicked his ball, and I think I actually have it on video. The ball doubles as a rattle because of the rainstick feature, which we loved.

Nuby Teether
This was another of our favorite teethers. It has a handle that our little man could hold himself while he chewed on the other end. The actual teether part has bristles kind of like a toothbrush. This teether also came with a case so it’s great for travel and not getting icky germs all over it.

Links were a great toy for  baby to grasp and move around. I also added some to our play gym and his car seat as well.


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