Tot School: Blue Week

Ryce Man & Lil G are both 12 months old. They’re not twins, just good buddies! 🙂


This week we are learning about the color blue. I have pulled out lots of blue toys and things to play with this week.


I organize our weekly plans with work boxes. I got my inspiration from Monica at Happy and Blessed Home. I don’t worry about filling every work box in our cart each week, but here are some of the things we have in our boxes this week…

Character – We’re reading a short bible story every day from First Bible Stories for Boys. I have a few other children’s bibles we’ll read from when we finish this, and then we’ll begin a character or bible study lesson geared towards toddlers when I feel they are ready for it.
Language (Focus Words) – I’m always making sure to name foods, toys, and the things around us to expose the little ones to different vocabulary. I also want to expose them to written words. I’ve used flashcards of common words we use daily, and this week I’ve added those flashcards to a photo album to flip through. I’m also working on a word wall for our review time each morning and throughout the day. Ryce Man has a lot of eye-level wall space in his room for this.
An Article on Helping Children Develop a Good Vocabulary
Movement & Music – Play worship music throughout the house and sing and dance when we feel like it.
Small Objects – Blue Cars; (We’ve never had an issue with the little ones biting off the tiny wheels or anything, but you might want to watch your little ones with this.) Blue Plastic Cups, Spatulas, Spoons, Bowls, Ice Trays, and other Kitchen Items; Muffin Tin with Blue Plastic Balls
Spatial: Blue Wooden Blocks; Blue Waffle Blocks; Blue Clippos; Little House Puzzle; Blue Primary Lacing Beads
Senses – Blue Play-doh, Eat and Taste Blueberries 🙂
Writing – Color our carrots and peaches to complete our Healthy Foods Color Book from last week (We took an extra day off for the holiday, so this week will be a five day school week to make up for it.)  Big Blue Triangle; Small Blue Triange; Free Art with Blue Dot Marker; Free Art with Blue Paint and Crayons; Book of Blue Page
Math – Count with Teddy Bear Counting Book; Count with numbers on our new word wall (pictures to come soon); Count blocks, plastic balls, cars, etc. all week with everything we do. Count, count, count!
Reading – My goal is to read at least 3 books to the children each day. It’s a small, attainable goal. We point to pictures in the books we read, and this week we’ll especially be on the lookout for things we see that are circles or the color red.
Books We’re Reading this week-
Mouse Paint, Teddy Bear Counting, From Head to Toe, Who Lives Here?, Four Seasons for Little People, Peek-a-boo What’s in your Diaper?, Busy Baby’s First 100 words, Eyes Nose Fingers and Toes, Frederick, If you Take a Paintbrush, Seeing Shapes, Baby Loves Shapes, My Very First Book of Colors, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?

Little Note – We recently purchased this book, but I hadn’t fully quite decided how I felt about it. I liked the aspect that it teaches about potty training and introduces this idea to little ones. Even though we, as parents, do peek in our kid’s diaper to see if they’ve gone poopy, I’m not sure I like that the mouse in this book is peeking in his friends’ diapers. I also don’t like the “bathroom words” that are mentioned in this book. So there’s my review on the book. If you’ve read any other books that introduce potty training in a better way, please let me know 😉

Order – Fold blankets after nap; Clean up after play.
Toileting – Hand washing after meals & diaper changes.


“Blue Week” In-Progress Lesson Plan Page

Blue Cars…

Here is a glimpse of our completed Healthy Foods Color Books… 006004003

Ryce Man never stops climbing… never ever. Boys will be boys.

Blue Clippos… The boys could easily take them apart, but couldn’t yet figure out how to put them together. They spent lots of time trying though. They love a good challenge, and I think this activity was just-challenging-enough.
001 003 002

Oh how creative these boys are! They find so many different ways to play with each new things I give them. It is so much fun watching their “out of the box” play each week! 
019 017 014 013 008 005

We love our book bin! This bin of books is openly available to the boys during their free play and Morning Room Time. I also encourage them to choose a book before nap time (and bedtime for Ryce Man) to read as they fall asleep and wake up. We empty this bin several times a day!

Something New this week… Daily Art Journals (for free creative expression!)
025 021 020
Here are some of our new “word walls” we added this week…

First Words – I’ll add more pictures/themes each week. 

Color Words…

I’m linking up at Tot School Gathering Place.


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