Homeschool Goals 2013

My goals for this year:

-to spend lots of intentional time every day with my child (I won’t be able to get this time back, you know?)

-to focus on Jesus, to spend lots of time thanking God, and teaching my child about Him through my words and actions

-to read lots of stories, lots and lots of them so that my son develops a love for reading

-to manage my time well, to be productive in those empty spaces

-to write every week day (for the little ones – art and daily dictations answering questions;
for me – blogging, daily to-do lists)

-to keep organizing and re-organizing to establish “what works” in managing our home and homeschool

-to keep planning for the future and recording the past in an effective way

-to do lots of counting and math activities

-to introduce lots of vocabulary and have “back and forth” conversations

-to go on planned field trips with other families in our area

-to plan fun “hands-on” activities to teach the little ones

My students for this year:

I have 2 homeschool students – One is my own, and one comes to our house every day so he benefits as well.

Ryce Man

age: 1
strengths: language, independence, gross motor skills
needs to work on: math, fine motor skills
wants to work on: figuring out “how things work”, nature studies, and swimming

Lil G


So here are my curriculum plans, although, we aren’t currently using any written curricula:
Reading: Flashcards, Flashcards in a Photo Album, Word Wall – I’ve been researching the Doman Method which is similar to Your Baby Can Read by using flashcards to teach your baby to read and recognize full words. I don’t think it’s too early to introduce sight words, since that’s what they do in public schools anyway. We’ll just start early and be ahead of the game. Also, I wanted to know that I am not drilling flashcards with the little ones. Instead, it’s a fun experience just like reading short stories and board books is to them. When they’re done, I’m done, and I never force it on them.


One of our “Word Walls”

Alphabet: Phonetic Sounds with lowercase letters (Letter names will be next with lowercase, then uppercase) – I use an app on my phone called ABC Magic for this. Ryce Man loves to slide the touch screen for the next letter.

Literature: Childrens’ Read-Aloud Storybooks, Some Finger Plays and Nursery Rhymes; Bible Stories; I’d like to start reading scripture aloud as well.

Writing: Daily “writing/drawing” in a journal/sketchbook; I’d like to begin dictations with me asking questions and writing down what he says as well (although it may be a lot of jibber jabber in the beginning); We’ll start tracing and printing practice later.


Language Development: (See Reading) Talk, talk, talk through the day and all of our activities; Back and forth conversations

Math: Lots of counting activities, shapes, positions, quantity recognition flashcards; I’d also like to start singing 1-100 to him.

Sensory: Discussing things we feel with our hands, see, hear, taste, and smell; giving him opportunities to do these things.

Small Motor (small objects): Lots of manipulatives for this and Montessori activities

Life Skills (Order & Toileting): Helping with household tasks, Cleaning up after self, brushing teeth

Field Trips: Learning experiences outside of the home

I have no idea where to begin with these, but I’d like to research it more for sure…. 
-Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art, Biology, General Science, Geography, History, Human Anatomy, Languages, Literature,
Mathematics, Music, and Scripture
-Physical Excellence

Looking Ahead… 
The boys will turn 18 months in December so that seems like the perfect time to transition into something new. I’m planning to begin BFIAR with them right after Christmas. We’ll probably do this and continue with some themes throughout the Summer of 2014 as well. Then, in August we’ll start our Tot School A-Z curriculum.


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