Tot School:Orange Week

~Ryce Man & Lil G are 12 months.~

This week was an easy week for us with the holiday (Independence Day) right in the middle and our regular off-day on Wednesday. I planned fewer activities this week so we’d have some extra time to do some fun family things with our time off.

(My method of planning and using the work boxes each week is inspired by Monica at Happy and Blessed Home.)

Character – We’re reading a short bible story every day from The Little Golden  Bible Storybook. We’re currently just reading a Bible Story each day while the little ones are so young, but I plan to find a Character Bible Study Curriculum that we can begin when they are ready.
Language (Focus Words) – I’m always making sure to name foods, toys, and the things around us to expose the little ones to different vocabulary, but here are our focus words for the week: Orange, Carrot, Pumpkin, Peach, Circle.
Small Objects – Ice Tray with Orange Poms, Muffin Tin with Cut Paper Rolls, Sand Sensory Box & Shape Molds
*Note: All of these activities are supervised to prevent poking, swallowing, or any other thing that could happen if they were left alone.
Spatial – Orange Play-doh
Writing – Coloring Healthy Fruits & Veggies for our Color Foods Books
Math – Color Sorting Baskets; Shapes with the Shape Molds
Reading – My goal is to read at least 3 books to the children each day. It’s a small, attainable goal. We point to pictures in the books we read, and this week we’ll especially be on the lookout for things we see that are circles or the color orange. I try to choose the books accordingly. Sometimes we read stories over and over again, but the little ones actually love this!
Here are the stories I chose for this week…
Seeing Shapes, Busy Baby’s First 100 Words (Colors & Shapes Pages), Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes, If You Take a Paintbrush 
Order – Fold blankets after nap; Clean up after play.
Toileting – Hand washing after meals & diaper changes.

Ryce Man learned a new skill this week – climbing on the couch so we had a little picture party!
002 004 003 005

This is how Ryce Man took his nap… Yes, I did fix it for him. Scroll down to see the after-effect. 🙂


He woke up from nap with some cRaZy hair, and he’s still trying to figure out how to open this air vent.
018 013

Orange Play-doh…

I told Ryce Man it was a pancake… his face says it all “Not like any pancake I’ve ever seen!”

Poor Lil G probably thinks it’s a Cheeto! 


The boys are getting good at staying  in their chairs during meal and snack times. How they like to sit is another story. I’m pretty proud of them though. 

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