He’s listening.

Sometimes I think I’m just talking and making noise when I say all these “words” and “sentences” around my little one hoping that one day he’ll pick it up. Then, I’m surprised at times when he actually listens, understands, and does whatever it is that I tell him.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been telling him “We sit in chairs,” because he got these new child-size chairs for his birthday, but he loves to climb and stand in them. Now, I’ve noticed that he understands the word “sit”. He’ll sit on command now, just like our dog, Athlete, used to. 🙂

Earlier today I said “I’d like that chair to stay in here please” as he’s pushing it into the living room. Then I found myself asking “Did he really just listen to me?” because he immediately picked up the chair and brought it back into the kitchen. He even pushed it under his table where it belongs. I was shocked. I actually questioned if it was a coincidence, but the same event happened twice more. You know, these kids learn by repetition. Wow, he really knew what I was saying.

These aren’t just words. I’m not just talking to make noise. He is hearing me. He is listening. And he is learning to understand what these “words” mean. It’s not pointless. My words have purpose, and my words are teaching him. I’m giving myself a pat on the back right now.


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