Our Fourth

Oh how much July 4th felt like a Saturday… A family fun day! It was wonderful! Daddy had one client to train so he went in to work for a little bit, and we went to spend Ryce Man’s birthday gift card and get Mommy a baby-proof swimsuit… meaning the first one I got was strapless and while good for a tan, not good with a grabby toddler! He’s a happy boy – he loves to go!


I found a better swimsuit. Yay! Ryce Man is such a good boy – he sat on the little half corner bench in the fitting room and played with the number card they gave us for the qty. of items. So good! I hurried, but I can’t brag enough on my well-behaved little man. Then, we explored the toy area of TJ-Maxx. We picked out some Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads, an Infantino Puzzle Collection, and several books.

For lunch we went to my husband’s grandparents’ house, and they grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as plenty of other dishes – very yummy, and we finished it all out with some apple pie and ice cream. Ryce Man loves the wooden truck they have, and makes the motor mouth car sound.


Little man fell asleep on the way home, and we moved him to his crib when we got home. Then, we got ready to go for a swim  in a big pool a family we know lets us use sometimes. Ryce Man LOVES the big pool! This was only his second time to be in one, but he’s already blowing bubbles in the water, kicking his legs, and pulling forward with his arms. He is not afraid, and since we’re right there with him helping him, we aren’t either. He even likes to count to 3 and go under water when you blow in his face to hold his breath… Such a trooper! He’ll be swimming before we know it!
*Note: He doesn’t actually count to 3. We do, but he likes it when we do. 🙂



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