A Day at Blessed Beginnings

Here is how I’ve planned for our day to go… It mostly does follow this list so that we have enough structure for the little ones, but I’m really flexible with our Tot School Time if necessary and really follow the lead of the child at this age. I’d like to do a true minute-by-minute of our Tot School Time so you can see a glimpse of how it REALLY is. Stay tuned for that at a later date.

~The little ones are 12 months old.~

6:00 – 7:00 : I wake up & get dressed and ready.
The exact time depends on how long it will take me to get ready (longer if it’s a hair-washing day) and how messy the house was when I went to bed. Sometimes I do well with my bedtime routine, and other times I’m completely lazy. #BeingRealHere

7:00 – My Morning Routine (Dishes, Tidy, Thaw, Wipe, & Sweep)

#Hello Morning (God – Plan – Move) -Sometimes these are shifted around, and Ryce Man does them with me.

7:30 – Kiss my little one as I get him from his crib & change his diaper.

Mommy & Me Breakfast – (He’s learning to feed himself.)

8:00 – Brush our teeth & Make our Beds, (Exercise maybe?)

8:30 – Lil G arrives; free play as I finish my daily planning or quiet time; his breakfast

9:00 – Tot School Begins

*Character, Review, and Reading (They walk away to let me know they’re finished reading or doing whatever. How nice!)
*Finish the 3 R’s (Reading, Riting, & Rithmatic) -Writing and Art are combined for the little ones-
*Workboxes (In our plan this includes small objects, senses, spatial, movement & music. We don’t do them all everyday, and we do what we can. I follow their lead.

As I said before – this is a basic plan and order, but our Tot School Time is extremely flexible. They may want to read, but then walk away from me mid-story at this age, and I have to be okay with things like that. We’ll always have more time for it later.

9:30 – Morning Room Time (They play independently when they are satisfied with the intentional time and attention I’ve given.)

10:00 – Diaper changes; morning snack; morning nap follows
*I usually work on my blog, a project I’ve got going, organize something, clean something, do laundry, etc. while I’ve got some time. I try to be as productive as possible during this time, but I occasionally do have my lazy days too, where nothing gets done.

12:30/1:00 – Diaper Changes; Lunch

1:30 – One More Thing (We do something we didn’t finish before nap.)

2:00 – Outside Play

3:00 – Diaper Changes; Afternoon Snack; Afternoon nap… I can usually tell when they need this nap 😉

5:00 – Diaper Changes; Lil G usually leaves for the day; I prepare dinner

Our evenings are ordered for you here, but we really don’t stick to this much. It really depends on our moods/how the day went as to what we do to fill our evenings. Sometimes we’ll take Ryce Man outside again to play or take a walk in the neighborhood. Other times we’ll turn on the t.v. earlier and let Ryce Man play freely around the house, dragging out whatever toys he wants to play with. Ryce Man is pretty flexible and independent and plays well by himself (Because he’s an only child maybe?), but I think this is mostly because we do always give him intentional time with us before we expect him to play by himself. And we are flexible too… if he’s fussing and getting into trouble, we turn the t.v. off. He always comes first in that aspect.

6:00 – Family Dinner

7:30 – Ryce Man’s Bedtime Routine (Milk, Bath, Brush his teeth, Pajamas)

8:00 – Ryce Man’s Bedtime

8:00 – Our Time (T.V., Evening Chores, etc.)

9:00 – We’re not night-owls so we go to bed.


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