Our Little Sock Monkey’s Backyard Picnic Party

I’ve had a love for all things classic for quite some time. I had a book called Timeless Toys that I found at Cracker Barrell, and I just loved the little corner with all of the old fashioned games and toys they always had. When we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to decorate his nursery in all things classic. We started it all out using my book of Timeless Toys, a Radio Flyer Puzzle, and an original Sock Monkey made by my great-Aunt Bertha. Well, Sock Monkeys  are making a come-back right now, so they seem to be everywhere. At my baby shower, my corsage was a a Ty Sock Monkey with flowers. Little man got sock monkeys as gifts at his baby shower, at the hospital when he made his debut, and for Christmas. It just made sense that we would have a Sock Monkey first birthday party, right? So that’s what we did!

We planned his party for noon on his birthday which fell on a Saturday and hoped it wouldn’t rain or be too scorching hot. It was neither, and the backyard picnic party was perfect! It was so cool and breezy under our big Oak tree. Then, we let the kids cool off even more in our kiddie-pool after the festivities were over.

This first picture features the original Sock Monkey that my Aunt Bertha made, the first of our collection! The “Monkey Vines” are actually Strawberry-flavored Twizzlers. I know you weren’t really fooled. 

Here is a framed photo of our little sock monkey his first week in this world. I’m not a professional by any means, but I remember taking his newborn photos in our front yard as we tried to get him some sun to help his bilirubin levels. Worked like a charm, and I got some great photos too I think (minus the leaf I’m critiquing myself about in the corner of this one, lol). 

I love a good picnic, but a picnic isn’t a picnic with serving dishes and platters and such. Not to me anyway. (We did have some of those, yes, but mainly just for decoration purposes.) Our meal was served in a brown paper bag, and our guests were expected to eat it picnic-style on our family quilts in the grass, but I don’t think they cared. We all had a blast!

The extra bananas from the Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches became decor as well. (Monkeys love their bananas!) The favors were “Monkey Bars” (Chocolate bars for big kids and grown-ups and toddler fruit bars for the babies). 

We had Coke in glass bottles, ice water, and Aunt Jane’s Strawberry Punch to drink as well!




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