Tot School: Yellow Week

~Ryce Man & Lil G are 12 months.~

My method of planning and using the work boxes each week is inspired by Monica at Happy and Blessed Home.

Character – We’re reading a short bible story every day from First Bible Stories for Boys. I have a few other children’s bibles
we’ll read from when we finish this, and then we’ll begin a character or bible study lesson geared towards toddlers when I feel they are ready for it.
Language (Focus Words) – I’m always making sure to name foods, toys, and the things around us to expose the little ones to different vocabulary, but here are our focus words for the week: Yellow, Circle, Duck, Banana, Corn, Lemon, Pineapple, Squash, Bus
I’m also experimenting with sight word flashcards: eat, cup, snack, bite, milk, car, truck, teddy, ball, blocks, horse, frog, cow, cat, duck
Small Objects – Yellow Magnets with Cookie Sheets, Yellow Blocks, Yellow Poms and an Ice Tray, Yellow Pipe Cleaners and a Tall Slender Container
*Note: All of these activities are supervised to prevent poking, swallowing, or any other thing that could happen if they were left alone.
Senses – Taste a banana and a lemon; Yellow Play-Doh
Spatial – Yellow Waffle Blocks; Yellow Clippos
Writing – Coloring Healthy Fruits & Veggies for our Color Foods Books; Small Yellow Circles; Big Yellow Circles
Math – Match Yellow Ducks fromEric Carle’s Match-ominoes; Count the fruits and vegetables we colored this week.
Reading – My goal is to read at least 3 books to the children each day. It’s a small, attainable goal. We point to pictures in the books we read, and this week we’ll especially be on the lookout for things we see that are circles or the color yellow. I try to choose the books accordingly.
Here are the stories I chose for this week…
Do You Hear It? from Eric Carle’s Collection, The Ugly Duckling, If You Take a Paintbrush, Busy Baby’s First 100 Words, Make Way for Ducklings, The Wheels on the Bus, The Lion King- Roar!, The Bedtime Beast, Teddy Bear Counting
Order – Fold blankets after nap; Clean up after play.
Toileting – Hand washing after meals & diaper changes.

Here are the boys coloring their circles. I know these pictures may make it seem like our time coloring is easy. The boys love to “share” so I’m constantly trying to make sure they each have their own page and/or crayon to work with. I’m all about having “just their” marks on their page, so sometimes it’s quite a challenge. (I’m constantly on the go to try and keep up with these two,  but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!)

yellow2 yellow

I took the yellow ducks from our set of Eric Carle’s Match-onimoes as listed above. It really wasn’t much of a matching game since all I gave them were yellow ducks, but they still enjoyed looking at them and carrying them around.

yellow4 yellow3

Somestimes we add a Snuggle Time with Mommy to the mix… much needed on both ends.


Ryce Man got these chairs for his birthday, so we had our first story time in the chairs this week. Aren’t they just the cutest?

We also set up the table and tried to eat our meals and snacks together instead of taking turns in the high chair. This is going to be awesome once they get the hang of it, but adding structure sometimes isn’t a piece of cake. They love to get up, which nearly knocks the table over at times, so I’m sitting right there with them for now. They don’t always like that I make them stay seated in their chairs, but I don’t think it’s too early to learn this life-skill. I think Maria Montessori would approve since the chairs and table are child-sized and they are on their way to independence! 


Yellow Magnet Play…

yellow10 yellow11

Ryce Man likes to shake the cookie sheet to make the magnets fall off.

Lil G is doing some “transferring” here taking the magnets from one cookie sheet to the next.


And of course Ryce Man will stand on it at some point as well! I’m so proud that these boys are open-minded with their creativity and can find multiple purposes for the same materials.

I pulled out the Yellow Pipe Cleaners this week with an empty, recycled “Puffs” container. We also had Yellow Poms and an Ice Tray out at the same time. I don’t want them to get bored with the same activities being brought out with the different colors and don’t want to limit their creativity in their play. I like to mix it up a bit when I can. 
yellow28 yellow25 yellow24 yellow21 yellow18

We’ve worked on eating our meals together at the table all week, and I’ve already seen some progress. Ryce Man’s high chair is convertible so I took the top half off so the boys could have a larger table. It’s a little high, but it works okay. They each have their own chair, their own plate, their own cup, and their own spoon (if needed)… they have ownership and can choose when to take a bite or sip their milk. I think they’ve enjoyed that aspect.
A few rules…
1. We sit in our chairs. (Getting up and leaving was a challenge at first. Climbing and standing in the chairs can also be a challenge.)
2. Our plates/bowls stay on the table.
At this point, I’m sitting right between them to keep things running smoothly, but don’t they look so much like big boys now??

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