Tot School: Green Week

Ryce Man & Lil G are both 12 months this week! They aren’t twins, just good buddies!

I’ve decided to call them Tots now because they’re the only ones doing homeschool with me so I don’t have to differentiate between age groups anymore.

This week in Tot School we are focusing on The Color Green & Circles. I have pulled out all of our green toys and play things, as well as a few surprises to bring out each day as well. Our focus for this month is Healthy Foods (Fruits and Veggies mostly) so each week we will use our focus color to learn about some different healthy fruits that are that color. When the month is over we should have a colorful book of healthy fruits and vegetables, and these tots will have been exposed to many new vocabulary words for their language development!


Character – We’re reading a short bible story every day from First Bible Stories for Boys. I have a few other children’s bibles
we’ll read from when we finish this, and then we’ll begin a character or bible study lesson geared towards toddlers when I feel they are ready for it.
Language (Focus Words) – I’m always making sure to name foods, toys, and the things around us to expose the little ones to different vocabulary, but here are our focus words for the week: Green, Circle, Small, Big, Broccoli, Cucumber, Zucchini, Peas, Brussel Sprouts, Kiwi, Celery, Avocado, Asparagus, Cabbage
I’m also experimenting with sight word flashcards: eat, cup, snack, bite, milk, car, truck, teddy, ball, blocks, horse, frog, cow, cat, duck
Small Objects – Small Green Poms and an Ice Tray, Green Pipe Cleaners & Paper Tubes, Green Magnets & a Cookie Sheet, Green Craft Sticks and a Popsicle Mold
*Note: All of these activities are supervised to prevent poking, swallowing, or any other thing that could happen if they were left alone.
Senses – Green Play-doh, a Green Timer
Spatial – Green Clippos, Melissa & Doug Fishbowl Puzzle, Cut Pool Noodles in a Small Tub of Water
Writing – Coloring Healthy Fruits & Veggies for our Color Foods Books
Math – Make & count play-doh circles.
Reading – My goal is to read at least 3 books to the children each day. It’s a small, attainable goal. We point to pictures in the books we read, and this week we’ll especially be on the lookout for things we see that are circles or the color green.
Order – Fold blankets after nap; Clean up after play.
Toileting – Hand washing after meals & diaper changes.
I love this picture of Ryce Man with the turtle bank. It’s almost as if he thinks it’s a real turtle… However, not long after this sweet picture was taken, he began throwing it. (Oh why did Daddy teach him to throw so early?) Yes, he broke the wooden turtle bank. He also broke a ceramic lizard decor piece I had on the front porch this week. I’ve learned not to be attached to inanimate objects. 

Here’s Ryce Man with the poms and ice tray… He loved filling it up and shaking the tray so they all would fall out everywhere. Then, Mama would fetch them. Repeat. Repeat again.

green4 green5

green7 green6

I brought out the Play-doh again this week. This week I made “circles” instead of balls in hopes that they wouldn’t start the throwing again and making me fetch them. (They sure know what to do with a ball.) We had more of a success with the play-doh this week because of it. Yes, they both still taste everything. Lil G doesn’t care about the bitter/salty taste of Play-doh and continues to taste it, but not eat it. Ryce Man, on the other hand, is disgusted by the taste! Yeah, our Play-doh is pretty gross after they get their hands on it. I’d love to just trash it after each time we play with it! (Donations, anyone?!)




green13 green12 green11 green9 green10



Lil G’s favorite this was kicking the paper tubes around with his feet. He walked all over the living room doing just that!
green21 green20 green19 green18 green17

Ryce Man loves to see himself on my iphone…. I love this feature!

I love how these tots “talk” and interact with each other… it’s the most precious thing!

And then Ryce Man tried to put his finger in Lil G’s mouth… Luckily this didn’t start a “cause and effect” cycle. No biting yet 🙂

I just love a sleeping baby… Ryce Man rubs his bear to fall asleep, and here he is snuggling LOTS of blankets! His hand is green from finger-painting. And yes, we stayed in our pajamas all day… We’re allowed to do that. 🙂


Daddy came outside to play… You can tell he’s trying to get Ryce Man to smile for my camera. 

Cutie Pie… 
IMG_3595 IMG_3596

Always Moving… this must be his exercise! 

Green Magnet Play – they loved these magnets, and also loved making music with the cookie sheet. Win win! Oh, and I think the funniest thing about this activity was when Ryce Man took the cookie sheet into the kitchen and opened the oven drawer. (The kiddos love to open the over drawer and take out all my cookie sheets and baking pans.) I was excited that he recognized that this was a baking pan as well!
009 008 011 010

The green craft sticks and the popsicle mold was a scary activity for me because I really didn’t want them putting them in their mouths. Of course they both tried several times, so I had to correct them on this, but overall it wasn’t too bad. They did enjoy putting them in the sections and dumping them out so I’m sure some learning did take place here. 

012 006


011 003


I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not so much worried about “mastery” at this age, only “exposure”. I’m exposing them to lots of different activities and concepts, hoping that one day they’ll grasp  whatever it may be. I want to be intentional in my “play” time with them, and watch them learn and grow together. However, it sure is a pat on the back when I do see them master something… when I see them actively learning and their little wheels turning in there. Both boys pointed to their nose this week, which I think is just a huge deal! Ryce Man also pointed to “red” in a book and a “circle” as well. I tried to get him to do it again, and of course, he was done so I don’t know if he really mastered it or it was just a coincidence. Either way, I was proud, and I’ll be proud each time these boys “grasp” something that I’ve taught them.

Some other accomplishments this week… Ryce Man says “nack” (translation: Snack) and goes to the high chair when he wants to eat. Daddy has also been working with him on animal sounds with one of his farm books, and this week he tried to mimic a dog’s sound by giving a deep “ooh ooh” with his mouth round like Daddy’s. So cute! Daddy was also impressed watching Ryce Man brush his teeth this week, when he moved the tooth brush around in his mouth instead of just chewing on it. We’re both amazed each and every day by our little guy who is turning O-N-E tomorrow.

Next week, we will be learning about the color YELLOW and circles again as we continue with our fruits and vegetables theme. We had a really successful week of GREEN, getting pretty much everything done on my list. I’m excited to share with you some of my new ideas next week. See you soon!




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