Our Organized Homeschool: How I Store our Weekly Activities

Each week brings a fresh new theme of ideas and things to focus on and learn about. It’s a reason I love Mondays because everything is new to me and the kids as well.

When the children come in at the beginning of the week, I have a display of any theme-related toys and manipulates on the two bottom shelves of the cabinet in the living room. The children have access to these items all week, but they’re especially excited about them on Monday mornings.

redcircles2 019

I have a cart that holds the things the Tiny Tots will be doing. The tiny tots do not have access to it, but its location changes sometimes depending on where we’re doing our work. The cart has 10 drawers or work boxes that are all labelled, but we don’t use every box yet.

redcircles23 redcircles26 redcircles27 redcircles25 redcircles28 redcircles24 redcircles29

The drawers are labelled like this… Writing, Language, Movement & Music, Small Objects, Senses, Spatial, Math, Reading, Order & Other, and Character. We don’t use all of them right now, but we will as they grow older.


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