Tiny Tot School: Red Week

Ryce Man & Lil G are both 11.5 months old. They’re not twins, just good buddies! 🙂



This week in Tiny Tot School we are focusing on The Color Red & Circles. I have pulled out all of our red toys and play things, as well as a few surprises to bring out each day as well. Our focus for this month is Healthy Foods (Fruits and Veggies mostly) so each week we will use our focus color to learn about some different healthy fruits that are that color. When the month is over we should have a colorful book of healthy fruits and vegetables, and these Tiny Tots will have been exposed to lmany new vocabulary words for their language development!

I got the idea to use this cart of drawers/work boxes from Monica at Happy and Blessed Home.
I don’t worry about filling every work box in our cart each week, but here are some of the things we have in our boxes this week…

redcircles24 redcircles25 redcircles26 redcircles27 redcircles28 redcircles29

My lesson plan picture was not legible when I tried to upload it for you, so I’ll recap a few of the things on it…
Character – We’re reading a short bible story every day from First Bible Stories for Boys. I have a few other children’s bibles
we’ll read from when we finish this, and then we’ll begin a character or bible study lesson geared towards toddlers when I feel they are ready for it.
Language (Focus Words) – I’m always making sure to name foods, toys, and the things around us to expose the little ones to different vocabulary, but here are our focus words for the week: Red, Circle, Small, Big, Ball, Blocks, Bell, Strawberry, Apple, Cherries, Tomato, Peppers, Watermelon, Radishes, Pomegranate
Movement & Music – Dancing, Climbing (a mountain of pillows), Jumping (on the bed while holding hands), Swinging while outside, & Rolling, Throwing, and Catching a Ball
Small Objects – Red Balloons, Red Pipe Cleaners & Paper Towel Tubes, Red Ribbon Pieces and Red Bowls, Various Red Toys
*Note: Pipe Cleaners can be a little sharp on the ends, so make sure to fold the ends to keep babies and toddlers safe.
Senses – Red Play-doh, Shakers with Red Beans (glued shut), Red Bell
Writing – Coloring Healthy Fruits & Veggies for our Color Foods Books; Color small circles red; Color big circles red.
Math – Make & count play-doh circles. Count small circles we color. Count big circles we color. Discuss shapes when we play with blocks.
Reading – My goal is to read at least 3 books to the children each day. It’s a small, attainable goal. We point to pictures in the books we read, and this week we’ll especially be on the lookout for things we see that are circles or the color red.
Order – Fold blankets after nap; Clean up after play.
Toileting – Hand washing after meals & diaper changes.

Here are some of the red things I pulled this week for our display shelves. The little ones love to see the new things I bring out each week!





Ryce Man loved playing the red bell! It held his attention for quite some time, and he figured out how to make it ring by placing the ring block on it!

I loved watching the boys with the red play-doh. Their faces had so much expression as they examined and explored it. You should’ve seen them when they tasted it… I wish I could’ve captured a good picture to share!

redcircles8 redcircles11 redcircles12

I tried to make balls with the play-doh for us to count, but as soon as I said “Ball”, they began to throw them, and it was game over for the play-doh. I let them do this a few times thinking maybe they would calm down so we could actually count them, but it was a never-ending game of fetch for me. I’m sure I’ll see some of this red play-doh again when I go to clean under my couches.

redcircles17 redcircles19

Here we are coloring cherries for our red healthy foods book.

redcircles33 redcircles31

The boys just thought the red balloons were balls and treated them just the same by throwing them and going to fetch them.
rc9 rc8 rc3

We read a Sesame Street book called “Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes”. I think it’s probably just a book from a dollar store, but I really wanted to emphasize pointing to our body parts as we read it and did the motions. I kept touching their noses, and they would just grin and laugh. It was precious, so I tried to capture a picture, but eventually Lil G got tired of me touching his nose and starting covering his nose when I would say “nose” so I would leave him alone.

rc12 rc11 rc13 rc10

I turned on some music and tried to get the boys to dance with me. Lil G was looking up, trying to figure out where the music was coming from, but has yet to bust a move for me. Ryce Man dances for me all the time, but he wasn’t too fond of me asking him to dance on cue. I guess he’d just rather dance when the mood strikes! Oh and by the way, the only children’s music on my ipod right now is Circus Music and Lullibies so I’m open to suggestions for some good dance music. The Circus Music wore this mama out!

rc14 rc16

One afternoon, we took a ride down the street in our little red Radio Flyer Wagon. The boys enjoyed the view and pointed to the neighborhood cat we saw along the way.


We were only able to stay outside for about ten minutes before the heat started to turn their cheeks red. A simple stroll down the street, chasing the big ball around the yard, and crunching a few leaves… it was then time to go inside and cool off. I fixed them their cups with ice cold water, and they loved shaking them to hear the ice rattling around. Look at these red cheeks!


We played with our bins and shelves of “red” for a bit before diaper changes and snack time. I put the red cloth on their heads, and they would take it off and laugh at me. Ryce Man tried to put the cloth on Lil G’s head and then on his own head. He thinks it’s on his head in these first pictures. He would do it and grin so big and proud of himself. 
rc28 rc27 rc23 rc24 rc25

Daddy stops in to say “hello” before his afternoon workout. 🙂


And then, Daddy puts Ryce Man in his first-ever time out for climbing and hanging on the high chair. I thought it was sorta funny at first, but maybe we really should start being consistent with our discipline. Ryce Man has brought new meaning to the term “pulling up” this week and is climbing on EVERYTHING! We don’t mind him climbing and exploring as long as it’s safe, but we’re afraid he’s going to fall on the ceramic tile or pull the high chair over on him with Lil G in it! He’s also been trying to climb my ladder-back dining chairs, which are quite heavy and could really hurt him if they fell. So the not-so-fun part of parenting begins… 😦


On Wednesday, we had a tiny little visitor, and it was very nice for me to have another girl in the house!

visitor16 visitor3

I love how the boys are checking her out here. They are both used to being the youngest, so this was definitely something different for them. Lil G made her smile! 🙂 
visitor5 visitor4 visitor2

I did manage to get a little done for Red Week… I introduced them to paper rolls and red pipe cleaners. I made sure to fold the ends of the pipe cleaners so they weren’t so sharp and prickly. If you’re wondering why there aren’t many photos of Lil G with this activity, it’s because he was on the GO! He would pick up these things and run with them.

visitor15 visitor11 visitor13 visitor14 visitor10 visitor8 visitor9 visitor7 visitor6

The boys were also both very excited when they saw the play gym. It’s been a few months since they’ve played with it, obviously, but they thought it was a new toy for them to play with again. When they both got mobile, it was no longer of interest to them. This just goes to show that if you rotate toys, they do become interesting again, no matter what the developmental level!

 visitor20 visitor18 visitor17

See what I mean? They thought this was a new toy to crawl under, and they’d see how fast they could do it. Finally, they ended up going so fast and knocking each other down.

visitor25 visitor24

visitor21 visitor26

Remember how we started the week with a sensory bin full of red things?? Those red things are all over the house, as Ryce Man loves a good tub to play in, sit on, stand on,  etc.

visitor23 visitor35

We played with the red balloons again, and I had some fun with their hair.

visitor34 visitor32 visitor29 visitor30

It was fun having some extra sweetness around our house, and it let me get an idea of what it would be like for us when we start planning for Baby Barrett #2. I even did some baby-wearing, and she’s asleep in this picture. How crazy is it how babies can sleep sometimes?!

visitor28 visitor22 visitor31

We made shakers with recycled baby food tubs and red beans. Obviously this was hard to get a picture of because they were constantly moving and shaking their new instruments.

IMG_3389 IMG_3402 IMG_3401

Our final Red Activity of the week was “Transferring” Cut-up red ribbon from one bowl to the next. It’s a pretty simple Montessori-inspired activity, and it’s great for fine-motor skills. I noticed as I was cleaning up after their play, these ribbon pieces aren’t easy to pick up without a pincher grasp, so I was pretty pleased with how well they did with this. 
028 026 025 022 019 018 021 013 010

Now that it’s Friday afternoon, I am pretty tired of the color red. 🙂 I’ve already begun putting things for next week’s color (Green), and I’m pretty pumped. Green happens to be my favorite color, and it makes me happy when I see it. Hopefully by next Friday, I won’t feel the same way I do now about the color red.

We got a lot done this week including…
Playing with Red Balloons, Red Play-doh, Red Pipe Cleaners & Paper Tubes, Red Cut-up Ribbon and Bowls, a Red Bell, Red Blocks, Red Waffle Blocks, and Red Cars… We rode in the Red Wagon and colored Red Fruits and Vegetables to make a book of Healthy Things We Eat. We’ll continue to work on our books for the rest of the month using our different colors.
033 034

I’m linking up at Tot School Gathering Place at 1+1+1=1 and Tot School Tuesdays at See Vanessa Craft.




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