Our Organized Homeschool: Storing our Activities and Toys

Today I’ll be discussing how we store our toys and activities when they aren’t in use. I like to keep them put away and hidden as much as possible and rotate toys throughout the day/week/or just whenever we need a change. The kids usually love seeing and exploring the “new” toys that are brought out each day, and it keeps things in check with how messy things can get. They do have time to play freely and explore, but everything has a home to go back to when it’s time to clean up.

I’ve collected things since teaching in the preschool classroom so we have plenty of activities to “grow into”. In my opinion, you can never have too many learning things as long as you know how to organize them and still know what you have. I’m currently trying to decide on my next storage piece to add to keep things less cluttered, but here’s what we have for now.

In the living room, I have a credenza that keeps the toys organized and accessible, yet nicely hidden away when not in use. .


One side of the sliding doors houses Montessori Manipulatives (Beans, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Dust Pan and Brush for Clean-Up, Clothes to Fold, Tongs and Golf Balls for Transferring, Small Games, a Tub of Cars, A Box of Blocks, Puzzles Arranged Vertically, Puzzle Pieces kept in separate bags, Cookie Sheets for Magnet Play, etc.


The other side holds Melissa & Doug Toys, flashcards, letter books, d.i.y. fine motor manipulatives, and
bins of waffle blocks and clippos.

My son’s room is where the tiny tots play and learn.
This is also where I store all of the books and tiny tot toys.



The cubby shelving unit is originally from Target, but I purchased it from Dirt Cheap.
The collapsible, canvas bins are from Target.
The shelves are made from rain gutters purchased at a local hardware store.
The bins hold Tiny Tot Manipulatives (d.i.y. toys, nesting cups, shapes sorter), Board Books, Miscellaneous Toys (Wooden Toys, Balls, etc.), and 2 different sets of wooden blocks. I also have another large garden bucket in the room that holds stuffed animals and soft toys.


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