Get in the Picture

A while back, I read this story someone had shared on facebook that really made me think. We take pictures of our kids all day long. We dress them up and want to remember all those little events and memories. But what about us – do you think they want to remember what we were like too? Of course, they do.

We’ve all done it – you see someone with a camera, and you slowly back away, hoping it doesn’t catch you in its focus. That would’ve been me too… until I read this article. Now, my whole thought on cameras has changed. I want my children to see me in their pictures. I want them to know that I spent time reading to them, constructing block towers with them, and playing outside with them. Who cares if I didn’t have photo shoot make up and my hair is a mess? Ryce Man doesn’t care if I’m frumpy now, so although he may make fun of me later, I think he’ll appreciate all these little moments we’ve shared and that I captured them for us to remember.

And what about my little girls? (I don’t have any yet, but hopefully one day I will.) Do I want them to think that they have to wear make up and have their hair done perfectly to enjoy life’s little moments? Of course not! I don’t want them to be afraid of cameras or think they have to be a certain weight or look a certain way to feel confident taking a picture. I want their confidence to radiate from the inside-out, and I want to be an example of that.

So I have accepted the challenge to “Get in the Picture”. I will take pictures when I still have post-baby weight, when my hair is a mess, and when I have no make up on. I’m not afraid, and I challenge you too, to “Get in the Picture.


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