Our Organized Homeschool: Storing Supplies & Resources

After two weeks of sickness in our home, I am back to share Our Organized Homeschool with you!

My organizational methods are always changing as I dream up new ideas or when I see something neat on Pinterest. For example, I used to store all of the arts and crafts supplies on shelves in my laundry room. It was great, but my laundry room was a bit of an eye sore with all the clutter of kids’ supplies along with the cleaning products and tools that are necessary to be kept in that room. We moved an entertainment armoire out of our bedroom as it was just too big and bulky for the space. I wanted to sell it, but no one seemed interested, even though it really is a beautiful piece. It sat and collected dust in our shed for a while, until one day I had the bright idea to move it into our dining room to serve as a storage piece. I have never loved it more!

I have various supplies stored in Dollar Store Shoe Boxes which fill the drawers and shelves in the storage armoire. The red crate you see is used for files of my curriculum and other things homeschool-related. The Binders are used to file curriculum and files that are larger than can neatly be contained in a file folder or envelope. The bag you see (Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty One Gifts)  will probably have a greater purpose as the kids get older and do more independent work, but now it is used to hold supplies like crayons and markers that I stocked up on during Back to School Sales last year.


I love using this armoire to store homeschool supplies. It’s tucked away in the corner of our dining room, so it’s not in the way, and it keeps everything nicely hidden inside. The inside of the doors would be perfect for cork board if I decide to do that later on to display art work, my weekly lesson plans, or even an inventory list so I know what all I have with just a glance.


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