Tot School & Tiny Tot School: Letter Hh

Last week the Tots were learning about letter Gg for Goat so I carried out the Farm Theme with the Tiny Tots as well. I have lots of Farm Materials so we had plenty to keep us busy.

Monday was a holiday (Memorial Day), which made this week a short week. The Tots focused on letter Hh for Hippo. I don’t really have a theme for Hippo so we focused on a different Hh word each day instead. The Tiny Tots did some activities around some of these words as well.

Here’s how it went down:

Character – Right now I’m just reading a Bible Story every day to the kids. The Tiny Tots’ Bible Story Comes from First Bible Stories for Boys, and the Tots’ Bible Story comes from The Little Golden Bible Storybook. Starting next week, I’ll be working on Character Concepts with the Tots.

Language (Focus Words) – Hippo, Hh, Heart, Horse

Small Objects – Hippo Beanie Babies, Rubber Hippo

Writing – Harold the Hippo Coloring Page, Paint an H, Free Coloring on a Heart, Paint a Horse
The Tots also did a House Craft made from the letter H, a Helicopter Craft with Hh’s on it, and glued Big and Small Hippos to the H they painted.

Math – Count 2 hippos, Baby X Count App

Reading – (Nothing Hippo or Hh related)

Technology – (A new area I added this week) ABC Magic App – I was impressed that the Tiny Tots could repeat some of the phonetic sounds they heard.

I’ll admit this week was more difficult for me to plan for because I really didn’t have a common theme to work with, but it was also a short week because of the holiday which made it okay. My tot was absent one day, so we had to fit in his school work on the final three days of the week.

I didn’t take many pictures this week, but today Ryce Man put a ring on the peg for the first time all by himself so I was pretty proud of that, and here is a picture of him finger-painting a horse.

tot tot2

I’ve searched the web and found some things to help me plan better for the Tiny Tots. The Tots have been learning letters with Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool, but since my tiny tots are only 11 months old, I don’t really think letters are what they need to be learning first. We’ll be focusing on one color and shape at a time, but we’ll also have a monthly focus as well. I’ll share more with you in next week’s post. Have a great weekend!


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