Our Organized Homeschool: Intro. to Organization

Being organized is one of my passions. Classrooms, Nurseries, Play Rooms, and Homeschool Rooms are some my favorite spaces to organize, although two of those I’ve never had the opportunity to organize in “real life”, only in my day dreams and doodles.


I worked as a preschool teacher so I was able to organize the classrooms where I taught. I also designed, decorated, and organized my son’s nursery this past year. It is constantly changing as he grows and becomes more mobile. We don’t currently have a space that I can devote to a be used as a Play Room or Homeschool Room in our home. This means that our “Living Space” has to have a dual purpose and be all the more functional.

I don’t think you would be able to tell that I operate a home daycare if you came to my house, unless of course the children and all their toys were out and about. That’s how I want it to be. Sure, you would see the two shelves on my book case that I’ve devoted to display the thematic toys for the week, but all of the toys and activities are tucked away and organized in cabinets and storage pieces. I bring them out and rotate them so the children don’t lose interest, and my home isn’t a hazard of toys to trip over (of course, sometimes this is unavoidable during play times).

In this series, you’ll see how I keep our homeschool organized. You’ll also see how I plan each week’s activities and how I store things not in use. Hopefully, you’ll see something that inspires you like I’ve seen so many times from other homeschool moms.

Day One – Intro. to Organization

Day Two – Storing Supplies & Resources

Day Three – Storing our Activities & Toys

Day Four – How I Store our Weekly Activities

Day Five – Planning, Displaying, and Notebooking Completed Work


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