Photography: My Baby is Turning ONE!

I’ve said before that my goal is to be a well-rounded wife and mother. There are many things I would love to know more about or someday learn to do including my piano skills, learning to sew and monogram things, and gardening. I don’t really want to be a professional or even sell my services in these areas, just to be able to do for my family and for gifts. A few things that I already know how to do well and do for myself are organizing, interior design, cake-baking, and photography. I don’t think I’ll ever hire out for any of these things, unless I just really don’t have the time. This weekend, we took a little photo shoot of my little 11 month old to use for his party invitations. My dad is an excellent photographer, but I ended up stealing his camera to take most of the photos myself. I’ve found that with my little one, I can get the best photos by following him around as he explores and plays instead of trying to pose him for pictures. Here are a few of the shots I captured.
lawsonfave6 lawson fave lawsonfave2

 Let’s just say that choosing my faves was NOT an easy task! I was so proud of the results we got with these.


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